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Time Variation of Percent Distribution of Fission Activity in Bombarded Uranyl Nitrate

Description: "In this report are presented three figures which show how the relative activities (expressed as percentages of total activity) of the individual fission elements (produced by neutron bombardment of uranyl nitrate) vary with cooling time."
Date: May 19, 1943
Creator: Brady, E. L. & Coryell, Charles D.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Development of Equipment for the Purification of Mercury by Distillation

Description: Abstract: "An investigation of the mercury salvage program has resulted in the development of an improved high compacity type of distillation apparatus. The still, electrically heated and essentially automatic in its operation, will produce at a rate greater than 75 pounds per hour and develop a product 99.99% pure or better. This still will handle the lowest grade crude of amalgam that can pass through the feed lines and will continue to develop a pure prodcut for comparatively long periods of time. The clean-out operation is amazingly simple and convenient and may be done within one-half hour while the apparatus itself is still hot. Two models of this design are scheduled for installation in a mercury recovery room of the Alpha Analytical Department of Building No. 9207."
Date: May 26, 1945
Creator: Lee, J. E. & Susano, C. D.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

The Deposition of Plutonium and Certain Fission Products in Bone as a Decontamination Problem

Description: The following report discusses the deposition of radioactive elements during a nuclear fission in the skeleton. Studies are concerned with chronic effects of toxic radiation developing within the bone marrow and decontaminating the cells.
Date: May 15, 1946
Creator: Copp, D. Harold; Greenberg, David M. & Hamilton, Joseph G.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

The Production of U₂₃₄ by a Modified Calutron

Description: Abstract: Three and nine-tenths milligrams of U234 have been produced using a Calutron. A Beta-size Calutron was modified to produce complete resolution of the U234 beam from the U235 beam. With Beta charge the U234 current was 4 microamperes. The samples were collected upon flat pieces of graphite bent to fit the E curve.
Date: May 21, 1946
Creator: McKinney, C. R.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Process Monitor Analysis Victoreen Model 350

Description: Abstract: An analysis of the improved Model Number 350 Process Monitor was made so that it could be determined if this instrument would fulfill the need for gamma radiation detection instruments in the production buildings of Y-12. The results of these tests indicated the possibility of marked improvement in the monitor characteristics with minor redesigns. After these improvements have been made, this instrument will be a satisfactory monitor for this area.
Date: May 1, 1947
Creator: Harter, J. A. & Olson, E. L.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Tentative Procedures for Analysis of HCP Process Materials

Description: Abstract: The procedures recommended for analysis in Department 190 Laboratories, in the Limits Control Laboratory, and in the Analytical Development Laboratories, of all process materials from the HCP cycle are presented in a stepwise manner. A description of the characteristics of each sample type along with a brief description of factors involved in the Analytical Quality Control program is included.
Date: May 28, 1947
Creator: Belknap, Herbert J.; Nessle, G. J. & Grimes, W. R.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Effects of Receiver Slots on Quantity and Quality of Product and Recycle

Description: Abstract: "Variations in receiver slot design produce changes in quantity and quality of product and recycle, not only instantaneously, but also as a function of time in approaching equilibrium. The case of fixed feed concentration and fixed inventory of Uranium is described here for standard and Dip-Lip wider R slot receivers. The effects of the two types of receivers on recycle and product X and W concentrations, X production rate, plant X utilization efficiency, integrated X production and effective mass output are shown graphically."
Date: May 29, 1947
Creator: Harmatz, Benjamin
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Physico-chemical Studies of U-Compounds in Solution : Progress Report, February 1945

Description: This progress report discusses progress on oxidation-reduction studies, including polarography, as well as the Uranium-complex formation including electrical transport and spectro-photometric work. This report covers the work done in the period of February of 1945.
Date: May 26, 1948
Creator: Tishkoff, G. H. & Fanta, Paul E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Determination of Uranium by Fluorescence

Description: Abstract: "The uranium content of badly contaminated uranium solutions may be determined quickly using visual comparison methods to an accuracy of [...]. This accuracy may be considerably improved by employing the fluorimeter herein described. Interfering ions and their removal using liquid-liquid extractions are considered."
Date: May 28, 1948
Creator: Grimes, W. R. & Clark, F. E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department