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Structure and Oil and Gas Resources of the Osage Reservation, Oklahoma

Description: From Introduction: "Responding to the imperative need for increasing to the utmost the petroleum supply of the United States, the Geological Survey, since we entered the war, has largely concentrated its investigations of oil fields in the most promising undeveloped territory, such as Wyoming and the midcontinent-Texas region, and especially in the Osage Reservation in Oklahoma. This report is therefore issued to supply an evident need for geologic information regarding the Osage lands. In the separate papers the most practical and immediately available conclusions reached by geologists as to the structure and oil prospects in the townships already examined are published for the immediate use of the oil man."
Date: 1922
Creator: White, David; Emery, Wilson B.; Winchester, Dean E.; Bowen, C. F.; Heald, K. C.; Hopkins, Oliver B. et al.
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Boundaries, Areas, Geographic Centers and Altitudes of the United States and the Several States, with a Brief Record of Important Changes in Their Territory

Description: From Forward: "The first edition of the record setting forth the history of the boundaries of the United States and the several States and Territories was prepared by Henry Gannett, assisted by Franklin G. Butterfield, and was published as Bulletin 13 of the United States Geological Survey in 1885. The present bulletin is a revision and enlargement of Bulletin 226 and includes additional matter incidentally connected with boundaries."
Date: 1923
Creator: Douglas, Edward M.
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Notes on the Geology of Upper Nizina River Alaska

Description: Introduction: It is not intended to give here a full account of the geology of the district but rather to present certain new features that were observed during the season, with enough of the general geology, which is already well known and fully described in other publications, to make them understandable.
Date: 1928
Creator: Moffit, Fred H.
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The Forsyth Coal Field: Rosebud, Treasure, and Big Horn Counties, Montana

Description: From introduction: acknowledgements.-The Forsyth field was examined to collect data upon which to classify the public land included in it with regard to its value as coal land. The geologic mapping was done with the plane table and telescopic alidade, and all locations were tied to land corners.
Date: 1929
Creator: Dobbin, C. E.
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The Kevin-Sunburst Oil Field and Other Possibilities of Oil and Gas in the Sweetgrass Arch, Montana

Description: From introduction: The discovery of oil near Kevin, Mont., in March, 1922, gave prominence to the Sweetgrass arch, which is a large structural uplift somewhat similar in size and degree of folding to the Cincinnati arch. Most of the development so far attempted on this fold has been on the Kevin-Sunburst dome, a bulge upon the crest of the arch just south of the Canadian boundary. The dome covers about 16 townships, is nearly circular in outline, and has very low dips away from its highest point in all directions. Within the last five years (1923-1927) about 1,500 wells have been drilled upon it, over 880 of which are rated as productive. Since May, 1925, the field has stood second in production in the Rocky Mountain States being exceeded only by Salt Creek.
Date: 1929
Creator: Collier, Arthur J.
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