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The Mechanical Properties of Beta-Quenched Uranium at Elevated Temperatures

Description: The creep strength and tensile properties-were determined in vacuum for beta-quenched, derby uranium. The stresses to produce a secondary creep rate of- 0.0001 per cent per hr at 100, 250, 400, and 500 deg C were 48,000, sile strengths were 114,500, 35,100, 11,100, and 8,500 psi at temperatares of 28, 300, 500, and 700 deg C, respectively. The creep and tensile strengths decrease quite rapidly with increasing temperature in the temperatare range 250 to 400 deg C.
Date: September 6, 1955
Creator: Shober, Frederic R.; Marsh, Lyle L. & Manning, G. K.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Corrosion in 650 F Degassed Water of Uranium-Molybdenum Alloys Containing Impurity Additions

Description: From introduction: "At the request of WAPD, a study has been made of the effect of minor compositional variables on the corrosion behavior of uranium-molybdenum alloys in 650 F degassed water."
Date: October 6, 1955
Creator: Cawthorne, Edward W.; Berry, Warren E., 1922-; Reynolds, James E.; Jaffee, Robert Isaac, 1917- & Peoples, Robert S.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Fabrication of Dispersed Uranium Fuel Elements Using Powder-Metallurgy Techniques

Description: Abstract: "Fabrication techniques for producing dispersion fuel elements with cores of 30 volume per cost of UC, U2Tl, U3Si, or U6Ni dispersed in Zircology 2 and 30 volume per cent of UC or UN dispersed in Type 18-8 stainless steel have been investigated. Roll-clad plate-type elements of all these compositions may be fabricated by powder-metallurgy methods in such a manner that good core-to-cladding bonds and cores with uniform dispersions of discrete uranium-composed particles are obtained. From the standpoint of fabricability, elements containing UC is Zircology 2, UC in stainless steel, and UN in stainless steel are the most promising. The UN in stainless steel has the best corrosion resistance in 680 F degassed water; however, UC in stainless steel has the best resistance to corrosion in 700 F NaK."
Date: May 6, 1957
Creator: Paprocki, Stan J.; Keller, Donald L. & Cunningham, G. W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department