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Fast reactor analytical shielding progress report for July and August 1973. 189a No. 10318, activity No. HN 04 01 01 1

Description: Analytical shielding work performed for the fast reactor program during the months of July and August included calculations for both the FFTF and the Demo plant, computer code development, analyses of TSF experiments, and a cross- section sensitivity study of a TSF experiment. Most of the FFTF studies were aimed at determining the effect of various design changes on the dose rates at the maintenance deck during reactor operation, in particular, the effects of penetrations through the radial cavity shield and the effect of a new design for the head temperature control system shield. Gamma-ray dose rates due to the activated sodium coolant were also calculated for two locations in the system: around one of the branch-arm piping shields and near the entrances of the 28-in. and 16-in. coolant lines into the IHX cell. The main Demo plant study was for the lower axial shield region; another study has been initiated to calculate the Demo stored-fuel power and the ex-vessel detector response. The code development consisted in setting forth a set of specifications for the fourth version of the discrete ordinates code DOT. The TSF experiments that were analyzed were an experiment in which secondary gammaray production in iron-polyethylene configurations was investigated and another in which the transmission of the Westinghouse spectrum modifier and 5-in. radial blanket was measured. The sensitivtty study was performed to demonstrate that estimates of the accuracy of calculations for the FFTF and Demo plant can be deduced from a sensitivity study of an experimental configuration that only roughly mocks up the real system. (auth)
Date: November 1, 1973
Creator: Abbott, L.S.; Childs, R.L.; Engle, W.W. & Maerker, R.E.
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Comparative Ultrastructural Study between Young and Adult forms of Trypanosoma Lewisi

Description: The purpose of this study was to examine the ultrastructure of both young (dividing form) and adult (stationary form) of Trypanosoma lewisi. Changes observed between the two forms of the organism were related directly to data obtained from previous comparative biochemical studies conducted on these forms of Trypanosoma lewisi.
Date: August 1973
Creator: Abdul-Salam, Jasem M.
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Measurement of N* Production in p p ---> p N* between 9-GeV/c and 300-GeV/c

Description: The authors have measured the missing-mass spectrum of p + p {yields} p + MM in the region 1.5 < MM < 7.0 GeV using the acceleration ramp of the NAL machine between 9 and 300 GeV/c and the H{sub 2} jet target. They observe strong N*(1690) and N*(2190) production and are continuing the search for heavier mass resonances.
Date: August 1, 1973
Creator: Abe, K.; Alspector, J.; Bomberowitz, R.; Cohen, K.J.; Colleraine, A.P.; De Lillo, T. et al.
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Measurement of p p --> p x Between 50-GeV and 400-GeV

Description: The authors present measurements of the invariant cross section for the inclusive reaction p + p {yields} p + X in the region 0.14 < |t| < 0.38 GeV{sup 2}, 100 < s < 750 GeV{sup 2} and 0.07 < M{sub x/s}{sup 2} < 0.20.
Date: September 1, 1973
Creator: Abe, K.; De Lillo, T.; Robinson, B.; Sannes, F.; /Rutgers U., Piscataway; Carr, J. et al.
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Conglomerate Performance as Influenced by Selected Management Practices

Description: The latest surge of corporate mergers has been characterized by a steadily increasing rate of conglomerate combinations. It would appear that one of the prime motivating factors in conglomerate merger is a firm belief in the principle of "synergism," or the mutually cooperating action of separate substances taken together to produce an effect greater than that of any component taken alone. It would also appear that in such instances wherein there is no direct relationship in regard to raw material source, product development, production technology, or marketing channels, the principle of synergism is not automatic, but must be implemented by appropriate management action. The hypothesis of the study is that the goal of achieving synergism through centrality of management influence has not yet become a reality in conglomerate business organizations as a group. It is the purpose of the study to investigate the degree of centralized management development in a number of management functions and relate this development to success in selected performance areas.
Date: May 1973
Creator: Ablowich, Edgar Allen, 1913-
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Diffraction dissociation in 205 GeV/c $pi$$sup -$p two- and four-prong interactions

Description: From meeting of the division of particles and fields; Berkeley, California, USA (13 Aug 1973). Data are presented on diffraction dissociation in pi /sup -/p yields pi /sup -/p and pi /sup -/p yields pi /sup -/ pi /sup - / pi /sup +/p interactions at 205 GeV/c. Mass spectra and cross sections for pion dissociation and nuclear dissociation are presented. (LBS)
Date: August 10, 1973
Creator: Abrams, G.S.; Bingham, H.H. & Chew, D.M.
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A Study of the Drafting Curriculum in the Fort Worth Public High Schools, Fort Worth, Texas

Description: This is a study of the drafting curriculum in the Fort Worth public high schools, Fort Worth, Texas.The specific purposes or the study were as follows: 1. To review and compare the courses and content of the drafting curriculums listed in the bulletins of the TEA and the Fort Worth Public Schools. 2. To study drafting scheduling procedures in each of the Fort Worth public high schools. 3. To study the courses and contents of the drafting curriculums offered in each of the Fort Worth public high schools. 4. To determine if there are variations from school to school in curriculum content of the drafting courses in each of the Fort Worth public high schools. 5. To offer suggestions and recommendations for improving the program, if weaknesses were evident, when the program was evaluated by acceptable criteria (12, 13, and 14).
Date: December 1973
Creator: Agee, David W.
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Comments on capabilities, limitations, and correctness of Petri nets. Report 26

Description: Petri nets were one of the earliest contributions to the theory of parallel computations and appear to be a natural way to represent the coordination of asynchronous events. Petri nets, however, are not restricted to modelling coordinates in computer systems. Any system where there are loosely connected essentially independent processes that proceed in an asynchronous marner can be modelled using Petri nets and should be useful in modelling business systems and biological systems. (MCW)
Date: July 1, 1973
Creator: Agerwala, T.
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Survey of techniques to reduce/minimize the control part/ROM of a microprogrammed digital computer

Description: A survey was made of most of the important research to date on minimizing the control part of a microprogrammed digital computer. The results appear to be negative, i.e., the Glushkov and Schwartz approaches do not seem feasible in any practical environment. If the requirements of minimal solution are removed so that one would be satisfied with a near minimal solution, the integer programming method can be used since a very good solution is usually obtained after the ftrst iteration. (auth)
Date: December 1, 1973
Creator: Agerwala, T.
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Experimental investigation of a superconducting niobium X-band deflecting cavity and suggestions for the design of the deflectors for a superconducting rf beam separator at NAL

Description: Design considerations for a deflecting cavity intended for a superconducting rf beam separator at NAL are reviewed. The design parameters given are based on an investigation of a 7-cell niobium test deflector operating at 8.665 GHz. Peak magnetic field of 740 G, corresponding to a peak electric field of 25 MV/m, and an equivalent deflecting field of 6.9 MV/m were obtained. (auth)
Date: September 12, 1973
Creator: Aggus, J.; Bauer, W.; Giordano, S.; Hahn, H. & Halama, H.J.
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Eccentric rf deflecting structure

Description: For superconducting rf separators, assembled by electron beam welding techniques, two types of mode stabilizers are discussed: the elliptical structure, and a new design called the eccentric structure''. For an operating pi /2 or pi mode in the lower pass band, it is shown that the various parameters of the eccentric structure can be adjusted to provide the required frequency spacing between the operating mode and the upper dispersion curve. (auth)
Date: December 13, 1973
Creator: Aggus, J.R.; Giordano, S. & Halama, H.J.
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A Comparison of Staff Organization and Employment Opportunities of Dallas Business-Papers and Company Publications

Description: This study compares the staff structures and the employment opportunities of Dallas area businesspapers and company publications. The study has five main purposes. They are (1) to examine the staff organization of various Dallas area business publications, (2) to examine the job roles and responsibilities within each type of publication, (3) to determine the education requirements for employees, (4) to determine the experience requirements for employees, and (5) to evaluate business and industrial journalism as a career choice for journalism graduates in the Dallas area.
Date: August 1973
Creator: Akins, Linda G.
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