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Examination of Masonite in Biological Shield : Interim Report

Description: Introduction: "Evidence of masonite deterioration in test hole plugs was interpreted to mean that a previous estimate of the minimum lifetime of the masonite in a Hanford biological shield might be somewhat optimistic. The importance of understanding the effects of radiations on masonite for both present and future pile shields dictated that masonite be sampled from an operating pile shield and studied. The results and techniques are discussed in the following sections of this report."
Date: June 28, 1950
Creator: Dickeman, R. L.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

The Solubility of Plutonium (IV) Monobutyl Phosphate

Description: Report discussing a study regarding the identification and property analysis of plutonium (IV) monobutyl phosphate, which formed as a white precipitate in another study of the effects of monobutyl phosphate on plutonium(IV) in tributyl phosphate extractions.
Date: June 28, 1950
Creator: Moore, Robert Lee
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

The Critical Mass of a Spherical Reactor with Variable Intrinsic Buckling

Description: Abstract: "The critical mass both of an untamped and water-tamped sphere with parabolic radial variation of the intrinsic buckling is calculated by a perturbation method. The result is applied to finding the minimum critical mass of plutonium in water suspension with infinite water temper; the calculations show that the minimum critical mass at constant concentration may be reduced by an amount of the order of 7.6% when the concentration of plutonium is permitted to vary throughout the suspension."
Date: April 28, 1949
Creator: Muller, G. M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department