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Strontium Program Quarterly Summary Report: November 1958 - January 1959

Description: From Abstract: "This report is one of a sequence of quarterly reports, each designed to up-date its predecessor beginning with HASL-42, "Environmental Contamination from Weapon Tests." Herein are reported data which have accrued since HASL-51. In particular, the levels of strontium 90 in fallout, milk, tap water, vegetation, and foods are given, based on data available from November 1, 1958 to January 30, 1959."
Date: February 24, 1959
Creator: Hardy, Edward P., Jr. & Klein, Stanley
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Appendix B-3. Statistical Summary of Hydrochemical Data from Ground and Surface Water Samples, Ekalaka, Montana/North Dakota/South Dakota Quadrangle

Description: Appendix containing a statistical summary of hyrogeochemical data from ground and surface water samples to accompany a report on U.S. uranium resources in the Ekalaka Quadrangle in Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota.
Date: February 22, 1980
Creator: Robinson, Keith & Adkisson, Cheryl W.
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Reconnaissance for Trace Elements in North Dakota and Eastern Montana

Description: From abstract: A reconnaissance for sources of radioactive material in North Dakota and eastern Montana was made in 1948. This reconnaissance was followed by a more detailed survey of parts of Golden Valley and Slope counties, southwestern North Dakota, in June 1949. The radioactivity of representative sections of all formations known to be exposed in the area and of three manganiferous spring deposits was determined with portable Geiger-Mueller counters. At 86 localities 82 samples were taken of these formations and also of 10 ground and surface waters.
Date: February 1950
Creator: Wyant, Donald G. & Beroni, Ernest P.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department