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Primary view of Impacts of sustainable value and business stewardship on lifestyle practices in clothing consumption
Hyun-Nam Lee, Stacy; Kim, Haejung & Yang, Kiseol
October 26, 2015
Primary view of Bonding and Bridging Forms of Social Capital in Wildlife Tourism Microentrepreneurship: An Application of Social Network Analysis
KC, Birendra; Morais, Duarte B.; Seekamp, Erin; Smith, Jordan W. & Peterson, M. Nils
December 29, 2017
Primary view of Generation Y consumers' value perceptions toward apparel mobile advertising: functions of modality and culture
Koo, Wanmo; Knight, Dee K.; Yang, Kiseol & Zheng, Xiang
April 1, 2012
Primary view of Hybrid Human-Artificial Intelligence Approach for Pavement Distress Assessment (PICUCHA)
Salini, Reus; Xu, Bugao & Carvalho, Regis
July 2017
Primary view of Pavement Distress Detection with PICUCHA Methodology for Area-Scan Cameras and Dark Images
Salini, Reus; Xu, Bugao & Paplauskas, Paulius
April 2017
Primary view of Impact of Image Resolution Pavement Distress Detection Using PICUCHA Methodology
Salini, Reus; Xu, Bugao & Souliman, Mena
December 2016