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Primary view of Facilitating Knowledge Transfer of Data Sharing Practices
Andrews, Pamela
October 25, 2017
Primary view of Arts and Humanities Academics Information Needs in Digital Era
Arshad, Alia & Ameen, Kanwal
November 9, 2018
Primary view of Knowledge Management Practices and Innovation: A Critical Literature Review
Baptista Nunes, José Miguel; Kanwal, Saima & Arif, Muhammad
November 10, 2018
Primary view of Jealousy in Cooperation – a Comparison of Two Game Based Approaches
Barachini, Franz & Bornemann, Manfred
November 10, 2018
Primary view of A Repository for Learning Objects: Supporting the Reuse and Repurposing of Redesigned Courses and Their Content
Barnes, Svetlana; Li, Fei; Polyakov, Serhiy & Moen, William E.
Primary view of Spatial Syntax and Knowledge Flows in American Grocery Stores
Bedford, Denise A. D.
November 10, 2018
Primary view of The Case for Research Collaboration and Alignment: Social Informatics and Knowledge Sciences
Bedford, Denise A. D.; Garcia-Perez, Alexeis & Sallos, Mark
November 10, 2018
Primary view of How Does Your Knowledge Flow? Exercises in Spatial Syntax
Bedford, Denise A. D.; Garcia-Perez, Alexeis & Sappington, Jayne
November 9, 2018
Primary view of Fostering Scholarly Creativity: Modeling Functional Browsing through the Lens of Complexity
Behpour, Sahar; O'Connor, Brian Clark; Goudarzi, Abbas & Hawamdeh, Suliman M.
November 9, 2018
Primary view of Toward a Unified Retrieval Outcome Analysis Framework for Cross-Language Information Retrieval
Chen, Jiangping
Primary view of Instructional Design Strategies for Teaching Technological Courses Online
Chen, Jiangping & Knudson, Ryan
September 28, 2011
Primary view of Resource and Resource Sharing in Intelligent Information Access
Chen, Jiangping & Li, Fei
October 2008
Primary view of UNT at TREC 2004: Question Answering Combining Multiple Evidences
Chen, Jiangping; Ge, He; Wu, Yan & Jiang, Shikun
Primary view of Chinese Information Retrieval Using Lemur: NTCIR-5 CIR Experiments at UNT
Chen, Jiangping; Li, Rowena & Li, Fei
December 2005
Primary view of Chinese QA and CLQA: NTCIR-5 QA Experiments at UNT
Chen, Jiangping; Li, Rowena; Yu, Ping; Ge, He; Chin, Pok; Li, Fei et al.
December 2005
Primary view of UNT 2005 TREC QA Participation: Using Lemur as IR Search Engine
Chen, Jiangping; Yu, Ping & Ge, He
Primary view of Scientific Knowledge Management Practices in the Big Data Era—A Case Study of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Chen, Qimei; Li, Hanyu & Wang, Lili
November 9, 2018
Primary view of Domain Knowledge Organization and Utilization—A Case in the Field of Nanoscience and Technology
Chen, Qimei; Zhang, Bo & Lv, Lucheng
November 9, 2018
Primary view of Novel Lexicon Hierarchy Semantic Embedding for Domain Specific Text Mining
Chen, Xiaoli; Han, Tao & Zhang, Zhixiong
November 9, 2018
Primary view of Temporally-oriented possession: A corpus for tracking possession over time
Chinnappa, Dhivya; Palmer, Alexis & Blanco, Eduardo
January 2019
Primary view of The Semantics of Semantic Interoperability: A Two-Dimensional Approach for Investigating Issues of Semantic Interoperability in Digital Libraries
Chung, EunKyung & Moen, William E.
Primary view of An Innovative Partnership to Recruit and Educate Biomedical Information Professionals
Cleveland, Ana D., 1943-; Hannigan, Gale; Philbrick, Jodi; Pan, Xuequn (Della) & O'Neill, Marty
Primary view of Findings Pertaining to the Framework of Guidance for Building Good Digital Collections
Cole, Timothy W.; Jackson, Amy S.; Palmer, Carole L.; Shreeves, Sarah L.; Twidale, Michael B. & Zavalina, Oksana
October 2006
Primary view of Using Augmented Reality to Navigate Campus
Colvin, Erin; Cho, Inyoung; Donnelly, Trevor; Le, Nguyen & Naquib, Moustafa
November 9, 2018