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State-of-the-Art for Assessing Earthquake Hazards in the United States, Report 25: Parameters for Specifying Intensity-Related Earthquake Ground Motions

Description: Abstract: "A set of 12 charts are presented that relate Modified Mercalli intensity units to peak horizontal acceleration, velocity and duration for near field and far field locations, hard and soft sites, and sizes of earthquakes. Also shown is the mean, mean plus one standard deviation, mean plus two standard deviations, and the highest observed values. Ratios are provided of vertical to horizontal motions and predominant periods. These charts are for use with known fault sources and for floating earthquakes in zones where there are no identifiable causative faults. The procedure provides parameters for shaping time histories to be used for dynamic analyses."
Date: September 1987
Creator: Krinitzsky, E. L. & Chang, Frank K.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department