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Hypoxemia Attenuates Coronary Autoregulation

Description: The effect of hypoxemia on coronary autoregulation was investigated in nine anesthetized, open-chest dogs. The anterior descending coronary artery (LAD) was cannulated and perfused with normoxic arterial blood and with moderately hypoxic blood (0₂ content = 10 + 1 ml 0₂ /dl). LAD blood flow was measured as perfusion pressure was varied from 140 to 40 mmHg. At perfusion pressures at and above 40 mmHg, hypoxemia significantly increased LAD flow. During normoxia, the autoregulatory closed-loop gain (Gc) was significantly greater than zero at perfusion pressures from 60 to 120 mmHg. During hypoxemia, Gc was greater than zero only at perfusion pressures from 80 to 100 mmHg. During hypoxemia, LAD blood flow increased sufficiently to maintain oxygen delivery and consumption constant, but the range and potency of autoregulation was attenuated.
Date: August 1989
Creator: Kim, Song-Jung
Partner: UNT Libraries