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Primary view of Structural analysis for elevated temperature design of the LMFBR
Griffin, D. S.
February 1, 1976
Primary view of Path integral quantization of solitons
Jevicki, A.
February 1, 1977
Primary view of Proceedings of the third international congress of the International Radiation Protection Association, Washington, D. C. , September 9--14, 1973. Volume 1
unknown creator
February 1, 1974
Primary view of Corrosion and ESCA studies of uranium after exposure to an RF discharge
Happe, J. A.; Colmenares, C. A.; McCreary, T. & Somorjai, G. A.
February 10, 1977
Primary view of Cost estimation for a theta-pinch reactor
Coultas, T. A.; Cook, J. M.; Crnkovich, P. & Dauzvardis, P.
February 1, 1976
Primary view of Time for atomic and molecular data bases is now (an overview of data management research at LLL)
Hampel, V. E. & Henry, E. A.
February 1, 1977
Primary view of Time-resolved fast-neutron pinhole camera for studying thermonuclear plasmas
Bauer, R. W. & Weingart, R. C.
February 2, 1976
Primary view of Statistical approach for estimating the reliability of highly stressed xenon flashlamps
Smiriga, N. G.
February 1, 1976
Primary view of Seminar proceedings: I. Pulsed neutron uranium borehole logging with prompt fission neutrons (PFN). II. Neutron tube technology for PFN logging equipment
unknown creator
February 1, 1977
Primary view of Decomposition of lignin and cellobiose in relation to the enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose
Yamanaka, Y.; Carroad, P. A.; Riaz, M. & Wilke, C. R.
February 1, 1977
Primary view of Health physics practices at research accelerators
Thomas, R. H.
February 1, 1976
Primary view of Shunt regulator for 150-kV, 20-A, 0. 5-Sec neutral-beam-source power supplies
Hopkins, D. B.; Baker, W. R. & Owren, H. M.
February 1, 1976
Primary view of Phase behavior and radiation effects in high level waste class
Turcotte, R P & Roberts, F P
February 1, 1977
Primary view of Ray tracing in axisymmetric toroidal coordinates
Gralnick, S. L. & Dalhed, H. E.
February 1, 1977
Primary view of Luminescence studies of oxygen absorption on thorium
Bastasz, R.; Colmenares, C. A.; Smith, R. L. & Somorjai, G. A.
February 15, 1977
Primary view of First wall response to energy disposition in conceptual laser fusion reactors
Hovingh, J.
February 1, 1976
Primary view of Implications of plutonium utilization strategies on the transition from a LWR economy to a breeder economy
Newman, D. F.; Fleischman, R. M. & White, M. K.
February 1977
Primary view of Laser light absorption and harmonic generation due to self-generated magnetic fields
Kruer, W. L. & Estabrook, K. G.
February 1, 1977
Primary view of Effects of shield impedance, connector resistance, and coaxial inductors on ground noise interference in nuclear reactor instrumentation systems
Burns, R. S.
February 10, 1976
Primary view of Summary review of rock mechanics workshop on radioactive waste disposal
Carter, N. L.; Goodman, R. E. & Merrill, R. H.
February 7, 1977
Primary view of Methods in environmental sampling for radionuclides
Ragaini, R. C.
February 1, 1976
Primary view of Experimental searches for magnetic monopoles. [Mass, probability, review]
Ross, R. R.
February 17, 1976
Primary view of Overview of advanced process control in welding within ERDA
Armstrong, R. E.
February 11, 1977
Primary view of Range of investigation of a borehole gravimeter
Hearst, J. R.
February 22, 1977