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Aid Transparency Country Pilot Assessment

Description: The primary goals of this report is to find how much demand partnering countries have for information the U.S. Government is making available for international aid, review how well partnering countries are able to access the information, inform partnering countries of the available international aid data, and recommend ways to improve data sharing and use.
Date: May 2014
Creator: Unites States. Agency International Development.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Buruli Ulcer Disease and Its Association with Land Cover in Southwestern Ghana

Description: This article presents the first analysis of Buruli ulcer at the village level in southwestern Ghana, where prevalence rates are among the highest globally, and explores fine and medium-scale associations with land cover by comparing patterns both within Buruli ulcer clusters and surrounding landscapes.
Date: June 19, 2015
Creator: Wu, Jianyong; Tschakert, Petra; Klutse, Erasmus; Ferring, David; Ricciardi, Vincent; Hausermann, Heidi et al.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

Ghana: Recent Developments and U.S. Relations

Description: This report provides information on current developments in Ghana and Ghana's relations with the United States, which are close. It describes the purpose of President Barack Obama's forthcoming trip to Ghana, which will focus on issues of good governance and socio-economic and political development, and characterizes the current state of play in bilateral relations. It also summarizes the policy agenda of Ghana's president, John Atta Mills, who won office by a narrow margin in elections in late 2008. The dynamics of that election are described in the report, as are recent policy-centered developments, economic challenges and performance, and socio-economic prospects. Ghana's international relations and bilateral development cooperation with the United States are also covered in the report.
Date: January 4, 2013
Creator: Cook, Nicolas
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Africa Adaptation Programme: An insight into AAP and Country project Profiles

Description: The Africa Adaptation Programme (AAP) has been designed to support the long-term efforts of targeted countries to further develop their capability to successfully identify, design and implement holistic adaptation and disaster risk reduction programmes that are aligned with national development priorities. This report provides insight into the Africa Adaptation Programme (AAP) and its related country project profiles. The AAP has shifted into implementation, with Namibia and Tunisia as the first countries to complete national inception workshops. Eighteen out of the total twenty programme countries will complete national inception processes and start full-fledged implementation in the coming months.
Date: January 2010
Creator: The Africa Adaptation Programme (AAP)
Partner: UNT Libraries