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Report to the Institutional Computing Executive Group (ICEG) August 14, 2006

Description: We have delayed this report from its normal distribution schedule for two reasons. First, due to the coverage provided in the White Paper on Institutional Capability Computing Requirements distributed in August 2005, we felt a separate 2005 ICEG report would not be value added. Second, we wished to provide some specific information about the Peloton procurement and we have just now reached a point in the process where we can make some definitive statements. The Peloton procurement will result in an almost complete replacement of current M&IC systems. We have plans to retire MCR, iLX, and GPS. We will replace them with new parallel and serial capacity systems based on the same node architecture in the new Peloton capability system named ATLAS. We are currently adding the first users to the Green Data Oasis, a large file system on the open network that will provide the institution with external collaboration data sharing. Only Thunder will remain from the current M&IC system list and it will be converted from Capability to Capacity. We are confident that we are entering a challenging yet rewarding new phase for the M&IC program. Institutional computing has been an essential component of our S&T investment strategy and has helped us achieve recognition in many scientific and technical forums. Through consistent institutional investments, M&IC has grown into a powerful unclassified computing resource that is being used across the Lab to push the limits of computing and its application to simulation science. With the addition of Peloton, the Laboratory will significantly increase the broad-based computing resources available to meet the ever-increasing demand for the large scale simulations indispensable to advancing all scientific disciplines. All Lab research efforts are bolstered through the long term development of mission driven scalable applications and platforms. The new systems will soon be fully ...
Date: August 21, 2006
Creator: Carnes, B
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department