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[Letter from Dinkie and Alice McGee to Mr. Moore and Sis, December 21, 1884]

Description: Dinkie received their letter and was glad to hear they were doing well. She mentions the weather and how cold it has been. She went to town for fabric to make Sissie a dress. She asks what they are doing for Christmas. She mentions that Birdie is writing a letter to Linnet. She gave some butter to Pap and he sent some cranberries. She went with her mother to visit Ann Jones and Cassy. She hasn't see Bettie or Florence and Mary Dodd is very smart for a child. She asks about Linnet's schooling. Alice writes that she received a prize for best reader in class. She mentions the cold weather and killing hogs. Her mother finished her dress and her mother sold eggs in town. She mentions that family came to visit and she wishes Linnet was there to play with Birdie.
Date: December 21, 1884
Creator: McGee, Dinkie & McGee, Alice
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections