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Practical Superconductor Development for Electrical Power Applications, Annual Report: 1993

Description: Annual report for the superconductor program at Argonne National Laboratory discussing the group's activities and research. This report describes technical progress of research and development efforts aimed at producing superconducting components in the Y-Ba-Cu, (B1,Pb)-Sr-Ca-Cu, (Tl,Pb,BI)-(Ba,Sr)-Ca-Cu, and Hg-Ba-Ca-Cu-O oxide systems including: synthesis and heat treatment of high-Ta superconductors; formation of monolithic and composite wires, tapes, and coils; characterization of structures and superconducting and mechanical properties; fabrication and properties of films; and development of prototype components.
Date: October 1993
Creator: Argonne National Laboratory. Materials and Components Technology Division.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

FY 1993 task plans for the Hanford Environmental Dose Reconstruction Project

Description: The purpose of the Hanford Environmental Dose Reconstruction (HEDR) Project is to estimate radiation doses from Hanford Site operations since 1944 to individuals and populations. The primary objective of work to be performed in FY 1993 is to complete the source term estimates and dose estimates for key radionuclides for the air and river pathways. At the end of FY 1993, the capability will be in place to estimate doses for individuals in the extended (32-county) study area, 1944--1991. Native American research will continue to provide input for tribal dose estimates. In FY 1993, the Technical Steering Panel (TSP) will decide whether demographic and river pathways data collection should be extended beyond FY 1993 levels. The FY 1993 work scopes and milestones in this document are based on the work plan discussed at the TSP Budget/Fiscal Subcommittee meeting on August 19--20, 1991. Table 1 shows the FY 1993 milestones; Table 2 shows estimated costs. The subsequent work scope descriptions are based on the milestones. This document and the FY 1992 task plans will form the basis for a contract with Battelle and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The 2-year dose reconstruction contract is expected to begin in February 1992. This contract will replace the current arrangement, whereby the US Department of Energy directly funds the Pacific Northwest Laboratory to conduct dose reconstruction work. In late FY 1992, the FY 1993 task plans will be more fully developed with detailed technical approaches, data quality objectives, and budgeted labor hours. The task plans will be updated again in July 1993 to reflect any scope, milestone, or cost changes directed during the year by the TSP. 2 tabs.
Date: October 1, 1991
Creator: Shipler, D. B.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department