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The Cumulus and Meteorological Events of the Florida Peninsula During a Particular Summertime Period: Cloud Refractive Index Studies IIIA

Description: The cumulus cloud events of the Florida peninsula that were observed during a 19-day period of photoreconnaissance in August and September 1957 are described and illustrated. The associated meteorological and rainfall events are also described and the intercorrelations among the various observations are pointed out. The study findings revealed that the principal factors governing the cloud and rainfall situations of the different days were (1) the low-level advection of water vapor into the peninsula from the oceanic surroundings, (2) the wind transport, into the heated peninsula from the oceans during the daytime, of pre -existing cumulus populations containing appreciable liquid water, (3) the low-level convergence, and associated updraft motion, engendered by the synoptic situation and the peninsula sea breezes, and (4) the precipitable water content of the lower Florida air mass. (Author)
Date: October 1965
Creator: Plank, Vernon G.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department