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Oral History Interview with Estel G. Burns, October 14, 2009

Description: Interview with Estel G. Burns, World War II veteran and B-17 pilot, as part of the Tarrant County War Veterans Project. The interview includes Burns' personal experiences of childhood and education in Missouri, farm life in the Great Depression, basic training, and training for aviation mechanics at Sheppard Field, Texas. Additionally, Burns talks about his family history, his 1942 enlistment in Army Air Corps, being accepted into pilot training, marriage to Dorothy Perrin, life at Deenethorpe Air Base, England, crew members and their respective duties on his plane, various missions bombing German targets, his feelings about missions against civilian targets, opinions of Luftwaffe pilots and of Germans, and his postwar Air Force career, including service in the Korean War. The interview includes an appendix of photographs.
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Date: October 14, 2009
Creator: Hegi, Benjamin P. & Burns, Estel G.
Partner: UNT Oral History Program

A Digital-Computer Model of the Big Sioux Aquifer in Minnehaha County, South Dakota

Description: From purpose and approach of study: The purpose of this study was to develop a predictive model of the ground-water system for use as a management tool. The model will be used by State and local officials in evaluating the effects of alternative methods of controlling or developing the ground-water resources of the Big Sioux aquifer in Minnehaha County.
Date: October 1982
Creator: Koch, Neil C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department