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The Metal-Dielectric Junction of High-Voltage Insulators in Vacuum and Magnetic Field

Description: From introduction: "This study is concerned with the shape of the electrodes of high-voltage insulator and with the method of joining them to the dielectric. The study is limited to insulators operating in vacuum, with special interest in the cases where strong magnetic fields are present. It is further limited to insulators with the high-voltage electrodes maintained at negative potential. The object of the study was to obtain information that would aid in improving the design of the insulators in two respects. First, to decrease to a minimum the number of charged particles set free which may directly or indirectly cause early failure of the insulator. Second, to increase the voltages at which partial or complete flashovers occur. Therefore, experiments were made to determine the principal phenomenon which have as their primary source the insulator under high electrical stress in vacuum."
Date: August 8, 1945
Creator: Kjofoid, M. J.; Alger, Raymond S. & Graves, D.
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Alpha Particle Detection and the A. C. Operated Detector "A" (Howler)

Description: Abstract: This discussion concerns the operation, construction, and servicing of an alpha rate meter of medium sensitivity (30,000 alpha particles full scale per minute) and good stability. The instrument is equipped with an oscillator which increases both in frequency and loudness as the alpha activity is increased. The oscillator circuit includes an anticipator which causes a change in frequency depending directly upon the rate of change of alpha activity. Maximum sensitivity is approximately 100 millivolts full scale. Grid current varies from 1 to 5 x 10^-14 amperes. A general discussion of time constants and accuracy is included. Tables of stopping power, ionization and alpha activity are appended.
Date: January 29, 1946
Creator: Neil, Hugh G.
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Tables of Neutron Cross Sections

Description: Report presenting data tables which summarize neutron cross sections for elements from hydrogen to bismuth. This data was to be available on September 1, 1947. Purpose and acknowledgements are given as well as criteria for omitting measurements and explanation of the material.
Date: October 28, 1947
Creator: Way, Katharine & Haines, G.
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Final technical report for contract year November 9, 1947 to November 9, 1948

Description: Report describing processes to prepare metallic calcium of a very high purity. Report details promising methods for electrolyte purification. Methods of chemical analysis for nitrogen are also improved upon and spectrochemical methods and standards established for twelve other specified elements.
Date: 1948
Creator: Brown, H. & Woodberry, P.
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The Hematological Effects of Ionizing Radiations

Description: This report follows the hematological studies conducted on the Plutonium Project. The studies focus on the internal and external effects of plutonium radiation on biological features, applying these effects toward the protection of individuals who worked in the Project, and using the findings generally for the protection of the public which was potentially in danger of exposure to these physical hazards.
Date: October 1947
Creator: Jacobson, Leon O.; Marks, Edna K. & Lorenz, Egon
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Insufflation Studies in Rabbits With Dusts of Uranium Compounds

Description: From abstract: "In a large series of rabbits, both the responses exhibited by the animal and the fate of the dose have been observed following the intratracheal insufflation of a soluble (uranyl nitrate) and an insoluble (U30g) compound, large (100mg) and small (5 and 10mg) doses have been given. For comparison, in a third series of tests a large fose of uranyl nitrate was injected intramuscularly."
Date: 1948
Creator: Thompson, Herbert E. & Steadman, Luvillo T.
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Homogeneous Reactor Preliminary Process Design Report

Description: "The following report is meant to serve a two fold purpose. First, it is the quarterly report of the homogeneous reactor project for the Technical Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Secondly, it is a description and general feasibility discussion of a 200-1000 K.W. pilot model, homogeneous reactor."
Date: December 28, 1949
Creator: Graham, C. B.; Secoy, C. H.; Spiewak, Irving; Taylor, E. H.; Weinberg, Alvin Martin, 1915-2006; Winters, C. E. et al.
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Solvent Extraction

Description: Report discussing methods and theories of solvent extraction. Factors that influence solvent extraction, such as the distribution coefficient, relative solubility, and physical properties of the solvent, are discussed as well.
Date: July 18, 1947
Creator: Smellie, Robert H., Jr. & Krause, D. P.
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Uranium Tetrachloride Two One-Year Inhalation Toxicity Studies of Animals at 0.2 and 0.05 mg U/m3

Description: The following report analyzes studies of chronic inhalation toxicity from uranium tetrachloride dust in animals who were exposed daily for a year for the purpose of determining "borderline" or safe levels of exposure for the duration of one year.
Date: 1948
Creator: Ashenburg, Norman J.; Rothermel, J. F.; Baxter, Robert; Eriksen, Nils; Cobler, John G.; Harrison, William N. et al.
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Survey of Los Alamos and Pueblo Canyon for Radioactive Contamination and Radio Assay Tests Run on Sewer-Water Samples and Water and Soil Samples Taken From Los Alamos and Pueblo Canyons

Description: "Report of the Survey of Los Alamos and Pueblo Canyon for radioactive contamination and radioassay tests run on sewer water samples and water and soil samples taken from Los Alamos and Pueblo Canyons." The objective of this report was to determine the extent and sources of radioactive contamination in the areas studied.
Date: February 20, 1947
Creator: Kingsley, William H.; Fox, Alvin; Tribby, J. F. & Doner, Elmer
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The Pharmacology and Toxicology of Uranium Compounds: Volume 2. Chronic Inhalation and Other Studies. Chapter 11: Special Materials

Description: Report discussing "inhalation toxicity studies of boron halides and certain fluorinated hydrocarbons," a "short-term feeding study with cobalt fluoride in rats," and "determination of boron halides in air." This document contains parts 1-3 of Chapter 11 of Volume 2.
Date: 1949
Creator: Stokinger, Herbert E.
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The Deposition of Plutonium and Certain Fission Products in Bone as a Decontamination Problem

Description: The following report discusses the deposition of radioactive elements during a nuclear fission in the skeleton. Studies are concerned with chronic effects of toxic radiation developing within the bone marrow and decontaminating the cells.
Date: May 15, 1946
Creator: Copp, D. Harold; Greenberg, David M. & Hamilton, Joseph G.
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The Effect of Geometry and Voltage Variations on the Operations of the Phillips Ion Gage

Description: Abstract: "The study of ten P.I.G. geometries with copper electrodes and d.c. voltage indicates that from a pressure of 0.1 to about 3.0 microns, depending upon the gage, there is a consistent change in the air pressure-current characteristics of a P.I.G. as the geometry and voltage are changed. At higher pressures discontinuities appear in the gage current and prohibit its use as a pressure gage. In all useful geometries, the greater the applied voltage above 1000 volts, the shorter the useful portion of the pressure-current curve became. Below 1000 volts the curve tended to be unstable. With other conditions constant, the pressure limit increased as the cathode separation decreased and as the anode diameter increased. The empirical equation for the current in certain Philips Ion Gages at certain pressures and voltages is I = a'Pe-p/b where I is the current, P the pressure, e the Naperian base and a' and b constants and dependent upon geometry and voltage."
Date: August 22, 1945
Creator: McKinney, C. R.; Eggen, Donald T.; Bishop, A.; Arnold, W. A. & Starr, C.
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The Isolation and Properties of Curium

Description: From introduction: "The discovery of element number 96, curium, was realized by the preparation and identification of the isotope Cm-242 by G. T. Seaborg, R. A. James and A. Ghiorso by cyclotron bombardment of Pu-239 with helium ions."
Date: July 28, 1948
Creator: Werner, Louis Bernard
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Tentative Specification for Waste Heat Steam Boiler

Description: Report discussing specifications for the design of a waste heat steam boiler "for the purpose of generating steam to operate a condensing steam turbine electric generator from the clean hot radioactive air that has cooled the atomic energy reactor of [a] laboratory under a pressure less than atmospheric."
Date: August 1, 1948
Creator: Williams, C.
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