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[Letter from Alice Donnell to Mollie Moore, December 18, 1875]

Description: Alice is happy to hear from her friend and wishes to visit. She inquires about Joe's trunk and if Mr. Moore knows anything about it. She would like Mollie to write back as soon as possible with information on Joe's trunk. She mentions Bettie's mother who is not feeling well.Dinkie wants to throw a party for Joe and Alice wishes Mollie and Mr. Moore could go. Mary Jane and Simeon have not married yet and Simeon talks of going to Texas. Alice now has the Texas fever and really wants to go. John Wallace and Susie Lore are talked about by the neighborhood of getting married. She asks Mollie to write her a long letter and to write back about Joe's trunk.
Date: December 18, 1875
Creator: Donnell, Alice
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from George Bratney to Mary, December 17, 1875]

Description: George hasn't written back because he became sick with Typhoid fever in August and now has the strength to write back. He would like to spend the holidays with Mary in her new home. He still lives in York and because of that was able to go to his brother's wedding. He is going to work on his farm for a time and then decide if the married life is for him. He wants to write her every few days but can't afford it. He is thinking of moving to Texas for the better climate and company.
Date: December 17, 1875
Creator: Bratney, George
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections