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The Individual, the Work Environment, the Family Environment, and Stress: An Investigation of Selected Variables with Implications for Personnel Management

Description: The application of the systems concept to the individual, the family, and the organization predicts that these systems will interact in such a manner that events in one system will correlate with events in the other systems. The purpose of this study is to investigate one area of system interaction, stress creation and stress outcomes. A search of the literature revealed little empirical research pertaining to the interaction between the family environment and the work environment. However, from the available literature a model of work-family interaction was developed. The model hypothesized specific relation ships between variables within and between the family environment, the work environment, type A behavior, job outcomes of perceived productivity and satisfaction, and the stress outcome of illness. To test the hypothesized relationships of the model a questionnaire was developed and distributed via intercompany mail to mid-level managers of the customer service division of an international airline. Returned usable questionnaires (N = 89) were scored and analyzed using appropriate statistical techniques.
Date: December 1980
Creator: Ross, John K., III
Partner: UNT Libraries