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Primary view of Abortion: Legislative Response
Lewis, Karen J.; Shimabukuro, Jon O. & Ely, Dana
December 6, 2002
Primary view of Summary of the Medicare Regulatory and Contracting Reform Act of 2001 (H.R. 3391)
Tilson, Sibyl L.
December 3, 2001
Primary view of Conservation Reserve Program: Policy Issues for the 1995 Farm Bill
Zinn, Jeffrey A.
December 19, 1994
Primary view of U.S. Farm Income: Recent National and Regional Changes and the Federal Response
Heykoop, Jerry & Jones, Jean Yavis
December 15, 1998
Primary view of Farm Economic Relief: Issues and Options for Congress
Womach, Jasper & Becker, Geoffrey S.
December 6, 2000
Primary view of The Farm Bill: Soil and Water Conservation Issues
Zinn, Jeffrey A.
December 29, 1995
Primary view of Pesticide Policy Issues
Schierow, Linda-Jo
December 4, 1996
Primary view of Sugar Policy Issues
Jurenas, Remy
December 20, 2002
Primary view of Grazing Fees and Rangeland Management
Cody, Betsy A. & Baldwin, Pamela
December 4, 1998
Primary view of Dairy Policy Issues
Chite, Ralph M.
December 20, 2002
Primary view of Food and Agriculture Issues in the 105th Congress
Jones, Jean Y.
December 28, 1998
Primary view of Agricultural Trade in the 106th Congress: A Review of Issues
Becker, Geoffrey S.; Hanrahan, Charles E. & Jurenas, Remy
December 29, 2000
Primary view of Agroterrorism: Options in Congress
Segarra, Alejandro E.
December 19, 2001
Primary view of Hog Prices: Questions and Answers
Becker, Geoffrey S.
December 15, 1999
Primary view of Emergency Funding for Agriculture: A Brief History of Congressional Action, FY1989-FY2001
Chite, Ralph M.
December 11, 2000
Primary view of IMF and World Bank: U.S. Contributions and Agency Budgets
Sanford, Jonathan E.
December 9, 1999
Primary view of Agriculture and the 106th Congress: A Summary of Major Issues
Jones, Jean Yavis
December 15, 2000
Primary view of Global Climate Change
Justus, John R. & Morrissey, Wayne A.
December 4, 1996
Primary view of Global Climate Change
Justus, John R. & Fletcher, Susan R.
December 14, 2001
Primary view of Global Climate Change: Market-Based Strategies to Reduce Greenhouse Gases
Parker, Larry
December 16, 2002
Primary view of Global Climate Change: The Kyoto Protocol
Fletcher, Susan R.
December 17, 2001
Primary view of The Listing of a Species: Legal Definition and Biological Realities
Corn, M. Lynne
December 15, 1992
Primary view of Norwegian Commercial Whaling: Issues for Congress
Ek, Carl
December 31, 1996
Primary view of Endangered Species: Difficult Choices
Buck, Eugene H.; Corn, M. Lynne & Baldwin, Pamela
December 6, 2002
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