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Defoe's Attitude Toward the Position of Women in the Eighteenth Century

Description: The suggestions with which this thesis will be concerned are those that apply not so much to mankind as a whole as those pertaining to womankind. Defore surprisingly had much to say about women and their problems; it is surprising especially when we consider that hardly anyone other than the women themselves bothered to pay any attention to these afflictions.
Date: August 1967
Creator: Enderby, Margaret
Partner: UNT Libraries

Political and Social Significance in Selected Drama of Henry Fielding

Description: The purpose of this thesis are to show that Fielding's dramas reflect the social and political abuses prevalent in England during the first four decades of the eighteenth century; to show through careful delineation of specific drams that those dramas led to repeated attempts by the Walpole Ministry to pass a licensing act; and to show that Fielding was seriously concerned about the political and social deterioration which he felt was occurring during the decade of the 1730's.
Date: August 1966
Creator: Rosenbalm, John O.
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Horror in the Fiction of Ambrose Bierce

Description: Since horror is so prevalent in Bierce's fiction and since no concentrated study of this important element has been attempted by critics, it is proposed here to examine carefully the sources and nature of the horror in Bierce's fiction in an attempt to arrive at a better understanding of his literary technique and his contribution to American literature.
Date: June 1962
Creator: Tapley, Philip Allen
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Myth in the Fiction of C. S. Lewis

Description: In both his fiction and non-fiction, Lewis comments on myth, its characteristics and strengths, and its relation to Christian doctrine. His use of myth to examine and to illustrate Christian ideas is most important in the space trilogy, the Narnia series of children's books, and Till We Have Faces. These books are the primary sources for this thesis, and they will be examined in chronological order.
Date: August 1966
Creator: Miller, Ruth Humble
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A Study of The Lounger

Description: This study analyzes the contents of the "Lounger" to fill the vacuum caused by the lack of critical material on this eighteenth-century publication edited by Henry MacKenzie. This thesis catalogues the content of these one hundred and one essays and record their authorship. Specific areas, such as fashions, manners, morals, and literature, are dealt with in detail with emphasis on their reflecting the attitudes and social conditions of the period. Biographical information on the authors is given.
Date: August 1962
Creator: Patterson, Don R.
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The Significance of Animals in the Life and Writings of Lord Byron

Description: It is the purpose of this research to explore the role that animals played in both the life and writings of Lord Byron. The first areas of concentration are on the specific examples of Byron's affection for animals and on the psychological aspects of this love. Secondly, the thesis attempts to explore the symbolic importance of animals in relation to Byron and his works. Finally, the research is focused on Byron's concepts and ideas, which he frequently illustrated and clarified by animal symbolism.
Date: August 1965
Creator: Mathews, Alice Jean
Partner: UNT Libraries