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Primary view of [Apartment complex pool in snow]
Allred, Katy
December 15, 2021
Primary view of Collaborative Research: Framework Implementations: CSSI: CANDY: Cyberinfrastructure for Accelerating Innovation in Network Dynamics
Bhowmick, Sanjukta
Primary view of CAREER: Fundamental Limits of Cryptographic Primitives Through Network Information Theory
Sun, Hua
Primary view of Expanding A Bilingual Trauma-Based Behavioral Health Workforce in Integrated Health Settings
Ceballos, Peggy
June 9, 2021
Primary view of Optimization for Thermal Protection of Firefighter’s Glove by Phase Change Material
Zhao, Weihuan
June 9, 2021
Primary view of Chemical-Guided Identification of Primary Metabolic Targets for Improvement of Hydroxy Fatty Acid Synthesis in Physaria fendleri
Johnston, Christopher
June 8, 2021
Primary view of Non-Genetic Inheritance of Hypoxia Tolerance in Fishes: Dynamics and Mechanisms
Burggren, Warren W.
Primary view of CAREER: Reinventing Network-on-Chips of GPU-Accelerated Systems
Zhao, Hui
Primary view of Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolases and Chemical Communication in Plants
Chapman, Kent Dean
Primary view of Formulating a Scalable Approach to Patron-Requested Digitization in Archives
Hawkins, Kevin S. & Judkins, Julie
June 1, 2021
Primary view of Making Meetings More Meaningful: An Exploration of Meeting Science in Libraries
Leuzinger, Julie & Brannon, Sian
May 12, 2021
Primary view of The Abraham Solvation Model Used for Prediction of Solvent-Solute Interactions and New Methods for Updating Parameters
Churchill, Brittani N
May 2021
Primary view of Accommodating People Safety Curriculum for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
Johnson, Jennifer A. L.
May 2021
Primary view of Activating Artistry: Community Engagement Resources and Teaching Artist Strategies for the Bassoonist
Spring, Staci Alane
May 2021
Primary view of Adult Attachment Anxiety and Relationship Satisfaction: The Role of Dedication and Constraint Commitment
Chao, Wan Ju
May 2021
Primary view of Alloy Design, Processing and Deformation Behavior of Metastable High Entropy Alloys
Frank, Michael
May 2021
Primary view of App Stole My Gayborhood? A Transforming Ethos at the Intersection of Queer Urban Life and Cyberspace(s)
Stucky, Farrell
May 2021
Primary view of An Artificial Intelligence-Driven, Model-Based Analysis of System Requirements for Exposing Off-Nominal Behaviors
Madala, Kaushik
May 2021
Primary view of At the Junction of Dissemination and Implementation: Facilitating Access to Behavior Analytic Research
Bank, Nicole L.
May 2021
Primary view of Benefits of Probiotics on Mortality, Growth Performance, Physiological Condition and Gut Histomophology of Juvenile Red Drum (Sciaenops ocellatus)
Busby, Wren Adell
May 2021
Primary view of Breeding Ecology and Migratory Connectivity of Passerines in the World's Southernmost Forests
Jara Millar, Rocio Fernanda
May 2021
Primary view of Change, Longing, and Frustration in Djent-Style Progressive Metal
Sallings, Patrick N
May 2021
Primary view of Chronicle of the Online Culture Wars: Reactionary Affective Publics in Neoliberal Postmodernity
Montalvo, David Rafael
May 2021
Primary view of Client Narcissism and the Decision to Switch Tax Professionals
Kaszak, Steven E
May 2021
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