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Primary view of Building a Team for EXtragalactic AStrophysics (TEXAS) in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
Li, Yuan
Primary view of The North Texas-20
Callahan, Jennifer L.
Primary view of University of North Texas Upward Bound
Nelson, Tori
Primary view of UNT Upward Bound
Nelson, Tori
Primary view of Collaborative Research: MRA: Particulates in canopy flowpaths: A missing mass flux at the macrosystem scale?
Ponette-González, Alexandra G.
Primary view of EAGER: Experimental Methods and Measurements of Anomalous Properties of Supercritical Fluids and their Mixtures
Prasad, Vishwanath
Primary view of Collaborative Research: Equitable Science Sensemaking: Helping Teacher Candidates Support Multiple Pathways for Learning
Keifert, Danielle T.
Primary view of HRSA Center of Excellence
Ruggero, Camilo J.
Primary view of Multi-Source Irrigation Status and Type Mapping
Liang, Lu
Primary view of Library Computing Services in Rural Texas during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Du, Yunfei
June 23, 2022
Primary view of Piloting Deposit Contracts to Increase Accessibility of a Contingency Management Intervention to Reduce Problematic Drinking
Dougherty, Donald M.
Primary view of Capacity Building: Creating and Sustaining a Pathway for Engineering Majors to Become STEM Teachers
Eddy, Colleen & Huang, Zhenhua
Primary view of Collaborative Research: Place Attachment in Mitigation and Recovery: A Mixed Methods Study of Residential Adjustment Following Wildfires
Schumann, Ronald L., III
Primary view of Development of Combinatorial Processing Techniques for Accelerated Discovery of Complex Concentrated Alloy (or Multi-Principal Element Alloys) for Structural Applications
Banerjee, Rajarshi
Primary view of A Collaborative Implementation Strategy to Increase Falls Prevention Training Using the Age-Friendly Health Systems Approach
Rivera-Torres, Solymar; Severance, Jennifer Jurado; Cho, Jinmyoung; Hartos, Jessica; Khan, Amal & Knebl, Janice
March 30, 2022
Primary view of From Originating to Onboarding: Improving the Hiring Experience
Rodriguez, Allyson & Brannon, Sian
May 11, 2022
Primary view of Transcriptional Programs and Regulators Underlying Age-Dependent and Dark-Induced Senescence in Medicago truncatula
Liu, Wei; Mahmood, Kashif; Torres-Jerez, Ivone; Krom, Nick & Udvardi, Michael K.
March 7, 2022
Primary view of Adoption of Wearable Devices by Older Adults
Enamela, Pranathy
May 2022
Primary view of Advanced Distributed Optimization and Control Algorithms: Theory and Applications
Zhang, Shengjun
May 2022
Primary view of An Analysis of Compressive Sensing and the Electrocardiogram
Molugu, Shravan
May 2022
Primary view of Artificial Intelligence at Home: Alexa, Are You Influencing My Family?
Ra'oof, Jameelah
May 2022
Primary view of Assessing New Dimensions of an Organization's Learning Culture
Scott, Jennifer Lyne
May 2022
Primary view of Attaining Team Psychological Safety to Unlock the Potential of Diverse Teams
Chen, Victor H.
May 2022
Primary view of Autonomic Zero Trust Framework for Network Protection
Durflinger, James
May 2022
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