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Water-Quality Assessment of White River Lake Between Lake Sequoyah and Beaver Reservoir, Washington County, Arkansas

Description: From abstract: A study was made of the White River between Lake Sequoyah and Beaver Lake to determine the quality of the river under existing conditions and how the effluent from the Fayetteville municipal wastewater-treatment plant, the only point source discharger of waste effluent to the river, affects this quality.
Date: 1983
Creator: Terry, J. E.; Morris, E. E. & Bryant, C. T.
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Man-Induced Channel Adjustment in Tennessee Streams

Description: Preface: This report is an attempt to relate the effects of channel modifications to the resulting instabilities in the fluvial system. The primary objective is to provide the Tennessee Department of Transportation with information concerning channel stability in relation to river crossing structures. Several new analytical techniques are presented that can aid in the understanding of channel adjustment to natural and man-induced stress. The methods of analyses presented herein should be applicable to other areas with alluvial, sand-bed channels, especially in the Gulf Coastal Plains States.
Date: 1983
Creator: Robbins, Clarence H. & Simon, Andrew
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Water Resources of the Red River of the North Drainage Basin in Minnesota

Description: The report consists of three principal sections; environmental setting, water resource management, and the hydrologic system. The environmental setting describes the land and people as related to water resources. The section on water resource management is intended to provide practical information needed for the planning and management of water resources. The section on the hydrologic system is a more technical discussion of water in the Red River basin. The section on water management can be used to locate the water, determine the amount available and its quality; whereas, the section on the hydrologic system describes the operation of the system how water moves through the system and why the quality is as it is.
Date: November 1972
Creator: Maclay, R. W.; Winter, T. C. & Bidwell, L. E.
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Geohydrology of the Cross-Florida Barge Canal Area with Special Reference to the Ocala Vicinity

Description: From preface: This report is concerned in general with the possible effects of the Cross-Florida Barge Canal on the pre-canal hydrologic regime of the area, and in particular with the effect of the canal on the natural levels, movement, and quality of the ground-water.
Date: 1973
Creator: Faulkner, Glen L.
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Distribution and Movement of Zinc and Other Heavy Metals in South San Francisco Bay, California

Description: From introduction: The primary objective of this study was to determine the net transport of zinc into the study area from urbanized perimeter, out of the study area across the northern boundary of the study area, and across the sediment-water interface within the study area, all within a limited time period. A secondary objective was to assemble as much data on other trace metals--their concentrations and chemical states in water, suspended solids, sediments and interstitial fluids--as possible within the time and funding constraints of the study in order to describe the existing trace metal conditions in the south bay. Thus the bulk of effort was directed toward evaluating the distribution and movements of zinc, but the data collected on the distribution and movements of zinc, but the data collected on the distribution of other metals is important and is reported here.
Date: February 1976
Creator: Bradford, Wesley L.
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Digital Models of a Glacial Outwash Aquifer in the Pearl-Sallie Lakes Area, West-Central Minnesota

Description: From purpose and scope: The purpose of this investigation is to 1) study the hydrologic system in a glaciated terrain typified by numerous lakes, with particular focus on the effects of lake-ground-water interchange, 2) simulate the natural system by using two digital modeling methods--areal (map view) and vertical section, and 3) evaluate the utility of the models and determine the kinds and amount of basic data needed to obtain reasonable simulations.
Date: November 1975
Creator: Larson, Steven P.; McBride, Mark S. & Wolf, Ronald J.
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Dewatering of the Clayton Formation During Construction of the Walter F. George Lock and Dam, Fort Gaines, Clay County, Georgia

Description: From purpose of the report: The purpose of this report is to present the available information regarding the relation between the rate of ground-water withdrawal and the rate of decline or artesian pressure in a 40-foot "shell" limestone aquifer that was dewatered during construction of Walter F. George Lock and Dam...The report indicates a potential source of a large supply of ground water available for industrial and other uses in an area readily accessible by barge transportation from the Gulf of Mexico to Columbus, Ga.
Date: 1973
Creator: Stewart, J. W.
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Hydrology of the Albemarle-Pamlico Region, North Carolina -- a Preliminary Report on the Impact of Agricultural Developments

Description: From abstract: Extensive agricultural land clearing and drainage operations underway in a 650 square mile part of the Albemarle-Pamlico region--a 1,634 square mile peninsula in North Carolina lying between Albemarle Sound on the North and the Pamlico River on the south--are changing the hydrology of the area. The artificial drainage system being constructed in the region, although it will probably result in only a slight modification of the natural annual evatranspiration, overland runoff, and ground-water discharge, will likely result in several important problems.
Date: May 1975
Creator: Heath, Ralph C.
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Scour at Selected Bridge Sites in Alaska

Description: From introduction: The purpose of this report is to describe the results of the data collection at these bridge sites and compare the results with existing laboratory and field data and with those results predicted from selected scour formulas.
Date: November 1975
Creator: Norman, Vernon W.
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Ground Water for Irrigation in the Viking Basin, West-Central Minnesota

Description: Abstract: The Viking Basin consists of six glacial outwash areas in Douglas, Ottertail, and Todd Counties, west-central Minnesota. Total area is 340 square miles (880 square kilometers). Soils are sandy and excessively well-drained. Crops grown on the outwash would benefit from supplemental irrigation. Irrigation supplies can be obtained from wells in the surface outwash aquifer in significant parts of the large outwash areas near Carlos and Parkers Prairie and the small outwash area near Clotho. Irrigation supplies are unlikely in the outwash areas near Alexandria, Urbank, and Rose City. Major use of ground water for irrigation may lower ground-water levels sufficiently to affect lake and marsh levels and streamflow out of the irrigation areas. Water from the outwash is of excellent chemical quality for irrigation.
Date: October 1975
Creator: McBride, M. S.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Digital Model Simulation of the Glacial-Outwash Aquifer at Dayton, Ohio

Description: From introduction: The specific purpose of the digital model study was to develop a better understanding of the aquifer system and to show how it responds to various pumping stresses. The scope of the study was to develop a single-transmissive-layer model that could be used to evaluate the effects proposed ground-water development schemes would have on water levels.
Date: September 1975
Creator: Fidler, Richard E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Index to U.S. Geological Survey Computer Files Containing Daily Values for Water Parameters to September 30, 1971 -- Central Region

Description: Abstract: This report contains lists of stations at which the U.S. Geological Survey collects water data either on a continuous basis or at least on a daily basis. The files contain daily values for streamflow, reservoir levels or contents, water temperatures, specific conductance, sediment discharge plus data for several other quality parameters that are measured by means of monitoring equipment or result from analyses of samples collected on a daily basis. The stations are listed according to station number within each State. The report lists the availanle retrieval options, the machine -readable output options, user charges and how to obtain data.
Date: June 1973
Creator: Showen, Charles R. & Stutmann, Neil G.
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Flood of July 17, 1972 in Gallup, New Mexico

Description: From introduction: The purpose of this report is to supplement, in a ore detailed form, data of stage and discharge published in the annual surface-water records of the U.S. Geological Survey. This report includes: description of the flood, information on flood damage, and flood-frequency data.
Date: October 1973
Creator: Waite, Loyd A.
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Effects of Ground-Water Development on the Proposed Palmetto Bend Dam and Reservoir in Southeast Texas

Description: Abstract: Ground water continues to discharge into the Navidad and Lavaca Rivers by seepage out-flow even though large amounts of ground water are pumped for irrigation. Although a reduction in streamflow probably has occurred, a complete loss of the low flow of the streams by infiltration to a lowered water table seems remote. The large ground-water withdrawals will continue to cause land-surface subsidence, which will range from 0.012 foot to more than 0.026 foot per year. A minimum of about 0.013 to 0.015 foot of annual subsidence at the upper ends of the proposed reservoir and a maximum of about 0.019 foot near the dam site can be expected. Structural failures of manmade features have not occurred from the subsidence, but regional changes in the land slope have occurred and will continue . Numerous fault traces have been mapped in the area, but most of the faults are inactive. If movement along the fault planes should occur, the vertical displacement probably will not exceed the total subsidence.
Date: May 1973
Creator: Baker, E.T., Jr. & Follett, C. R.
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An Evaluation of Water-Quality Data Obtained at Four Streamflow Daily-Record Stations in Idaho

Description: From introduction: This study is limited to four U.S. Geological Survey stream-flow stations located in Idaho (figure 1). The 6 to 22 years of stations were assembled and evaluated through use of computer techniques for data plotting and regression analysis developed by Steele (1972). Objectives of this evaluation were were (1) to show which parameters were highly correlative with the levels of specific conductance and(or) discharge and (2) to see if any changes in overall chemical character of the stream had occurred over the long term.
Date: August 1973
Creator: Dyer, Kenneth L.
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Evaluating Pollution Potential of Land-Based Waste Disposal Santa Clara County, California -- An Application of Earth-Science Data for Planning

Description: From introduction: As a result of recently initiated programs such as the San Francisco Bay Region Environment and Resources Planning Study, planners in the San Francisco Bay region are becoming increasingly aware of the types and possible uses earth-science data. These data encompasses a wide spectrum of disciplines including hydrology, topography, geology, geomorphology, and seismology. If properly integrated with the planner's competence in demography, sociology, economics, and other fields, earth-science data can be invaluable for evaluating and controlling many critical environment problems in urban areas.
Date: 1974
Creator: Hines, W. G.
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Effects of Urbanization on Floods in the Dallas, Texas Metropolitan Area

Description: From abstract: The analyses indicate that in a fully-developed residential area, the flood peaks with be 1.2 to 1.4 times those from an undeveloped area; and the annual direct runoff will be about double that from an undeveloped area. Data were not sufficient to determine the increase in runoff from a highly industrialized area where the effective imperviousness approaches 100 percent.
Date: January 1974
Creator: Dempster, George R., Jr.
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Availability of Water from Limestone and Dolomite Aquifers in Southwest Ohio and the Relation of Water Quality to the Regional Flow System

Description: Abstracts: The largest ground-water supplies from the 150 to 450-foot thick carbonate-rock aquifer in southwest Ohio are available in a 2,800 square-mile area on the crest and eastern flank of the Cincinnati arch. Well production in the high-yield area is mainly from the Newburg zone, a permeable stratum in the lower part of the Bass Island group. A structure contour map on the top of the Lockport Dolomite shows that the Newburg zone conforms to the configuration of the Cincinnati arch. The chemical quality of the water in the consolidated-rock aquifers is intimately related to the regional flow system, and undergoes a progressive change from a calcium bicarbonate-type in recharge areas to a calcium sulfate-type in areas of natural discharge.
Date: June 1973
Creator: Norris, Stanley E. & Fidler, Richard E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Magnitude and Frequency of Floods in Small Drainage Basins in Idaho

Description: Abstract: A method which relates basin characteristics with peak flow characteristics is presented for determining magnitude and frequency of floods on streams with drainage areas between 0.5 and 200 square miles. Regression equations for each of eight regions are presented for determination of the 10-year flood. Peak flows for the 25- and 50-year floods can then be estimated from ratios developed for each region. Regression equations are not developed because of poor definitions for several areas that total about 20,000 square miles. The equations were based on multiple-regression techniques using annual peaks and basin characteristics for 303 gaged sites.
Date: April 1973
Creator: Thomas, C.A.; Harenberg, W. A. & Anderson, J. M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Artificial-Recharge Experiments and Operations on the Southern High Plains of Texas and New Mexico

Description: Abstract: Experiments using highly turbid water from playa lakes for injection into the Ogallala Formation have resulted in greatly decreased yield of the recharge wells. Recharge of ground or surface water of good quality has indicated, however, that injection through wells in an effective method of recharging the aquifer. Water that is slightly turbid can be successfully injected for a period of time, but generally results in constantly declining yields and capacity for recharge. Redevelopment through pumping and surging significantly prolongs the life of recharge wells under some conditions. Surface spreading is little practiced on the High Plains, but locally may be a feasible means of artificial recharge.
Date: May 1973
Creator: Brown, Richmond F. & Signor, Donald C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department