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Identifying Opportunities for the Revitalization of Downtown Bloomsburg

Description: American downtowns were once the place to see and be seen, but the introduction of the shopping mall in the late 1950s challenged this notion and gave the American consumer a different place to spend their time and money. The prevalence of shopping malls has slowly been declining across the country since the beginning of this century, leaving room in the American retail landscape for downtowns to reclaim their status as community and retail centers. Towns across the U.S. are turning to national and local organizations to assist them in revitalizing their downtown districts. Downtown Bloomsburg, Inc. (DBI), a non-profit organization located in the small town of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, has been working since 2006 to revitalize its town’s downtown and main street area. The unique findings presented here were derived from a four month long ethnographic study of downtown Bloomsburg merchants and shoppers and are meant to be used by DBI as a supplemental guide for further revitalization of the town.
Date: May 2014
Creator: Schlieder, Victoria Mae
Partner: UNT Libraries

Surface-Water Seepage into Anthracite Mines in the Western Middle Field: Anthracite Region of Pennsylvania

Description: From Scope of Report: "This report summarizes the engineering study conducted during 1952 by engineers of the Federal Bureau of Mines seepage of surface water into mine workings underlying the Western Middle field drainage area."
Date: 1953
Creator: Ash, S. H. (Simon Harry), b. 1889 & Link, H. B.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Inundated Anthracite Reserves: Eastern Middle Field of Pennsylvania

Description: From Scope of Report: "In this report one major unwatering project was developed. Three pools that inundate considerable tonnages of anthracite reserves are close enough together to be unwatered by some centralized system. Three alternative plans were studied to estimate the cost of each."
Date: 1950
Creator: Ash, S. H. (Simon Harry), b. 1889; Kynor, H. D.; Fatzinger, R. W.; Davies, B. S. & Gilbert, J. C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Sediment Discharge from an Area of Highway Construction, Applemans Run Basin, Columbia County, Pennsylvannia

Description: Report and Geographical Survey. Includes and introduction, data collection, basin description, highway construction, suspended-sediment discharge, information on the flood of June 1972, and a summary with conclusions. Also includes several graphs and tables.
Date: October 1976
Creator: Eckhardt, David A. V.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department