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Vanadium-pumped titanium x-ray laser

Description: A resonantly photo-pumped x-ray laser is formed of a vanadium and titanium foil combination that is driven by two beams of intense line focused optical laser radiation. Ground state neon-like titanium ions are resonantly photo-pumped by line emission from fluorine-like vanadium ions.
Date: February 13, 1991
Creator: Nilsen, J.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Actinide halide complexes

Description: A compound of the formula MX{sub n}L{sub m} wherein M = Th, Pu, Np,or Am thorium, X = a halide atom, n = 3 or 4, L is a coordinating ligand selected from the group consisting of aprotic Lewis bases having an oxygen-, nitrogen-, sulfur-, or phosphorus-donor, and m is 3 or 4 for monodentate ligands or is 2 for bidentate ligands, where n + m = 7 or 8 for monodentate ligands or 5 or 6 for bidentate ligands, a compound of the formula MX{sub n} wherein M, X, and n are as previously defined, and a process of preparing such actinide metal compounds including admixing the actinide metal in an aprotic Lewis base as a coordinating solvent in the presence of a halogen-containing oxidant, are provided.
Date: February 7, 1991
Creator: Avens, Larry R.; Zwick, Bill D.; Sattelberger, Alfred P.; Clark, David L. & Watkin, J. G.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Phase stable rf transport system

Description: This invention is comprised of an RF transport system which delivers a phase-stable RF signal to a load, such as an RF cavity of a charged particle accelerator. A circuit generates a calibration signal at an odd multiple frequency of the RF signal where the calibration signal is superimposed with the RF signal on a common cable that connects the RF signal with the load. Signal isolating diplexers are located at both the RF signal source end and load end of the common cable to enable the calibration to be inserted and extracted from the cable signals without any affect on the RF signal. Any phase shift in the calibration signal during traverse of the common cable is then functionally related to the phase shift in the RF signal. The calibration phase shift is used to control a phase shifter for the RF signal to maintain a stable RF signal at the load.
Date: February 19, 1991
Creator: Curtin, M. T.; Natter, E. F. & Denney, P. M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Current-matched, high-efficiency, multi-junction monolithic solar cells

Description: In this invention, the efficiency of a two-junction (cascade) tandem photovoltaic device is improved by adjusting (decreasing) the top cell thickness to achieve current matching. An example of the invention was fabricated out of Ga{sub 0.52}In{sub 0.48}P and GaAs. Additional lattice-matched systems to which the invention pertains include Al{sub x}Ga{sub l-x}/GaAs (x=0.3 {minus} 0.4), GaAs/Ge and Ga{sub y}In{sub 1-y}P/Ga{sub y+0.5}In{sub 0.5-{sub Y}} As (O<y<5).
Date: February 11, 1991
Creator: Olson, J. M. & Kurtz, S. R.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

High flexibility, noncollapsing light weight hose

Description: This invention relates generally to a high-flexibility, light weight, noncollapsing hose and more particularly to such a hose having a large size and particularly useful as equipment draining a radioactively contaminated fluid through a noncontaiminated, isolated and restricted space with high confidence against kinking, collapse, or leaking even with large relative motion between the inlet and outlet ends of the hose. In the operation of nuclear facilities, such as nuclear reactors, processing plants for nuclear fuels and related materials, and chemical processing plants, for example, it is necessary to handle radioactively and/or chemically contaminated fluids which in many instances must be conducted, such as for draining purposes, through a noncontaminated, isolated area. Conduction of such contaminated fluids through uncontaminated environments in practice requires the highest confidence that the hose will not kink, collapse, break, or leak even though the hose may be subject to a large amount of motion relative to the inlet and outlet ends of the hose. Any such breaking, or leaking would result in undesirable contamination of the area through which the hose passes which could result in major damage and/or in the requirement to shut down the operation for cleanup and decontamination processing of the area. Additional problems are also encountered in processing plants for contaminated materials due to the fact that hoses conducting the contaminated liquids or gases pass through inaccessible, restricted spaces requiring extreme flexibility in the hose, but with the assurance that the hose will neither kink nor collapse to close off the flow.
Date: February 1, 1991
Creator: Williams, D. A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department