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Simulation of pyroshock environments using a tunable resonant fixture

Description: Disclosed are a method and apparatus for simulating pyrotechnic shock for the purpose of qualifying electronic components for use in weapons, satellite, and aerospace applications. According to the invention, a single resonant bar fixture has an adjustable resonant frequency in order to exhibit a desired shock response spectrum upon mechanical impact. The invention eliminates the need for availability of a large number of different fixtures, capable of exhibiting a range of shock response characteristics, in favor of a single tunable system.
Date: September 30, 1993
Creator: Davie, N. T.
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Low Temperature Sorbents for removal of Sulfur Compounds from fluid feed Streams

Description: A sorbent material is provided comprising a material reactive with sulfur, a binder unreactive with sulfur and an inert material, wherein the sorbent absorbs the sulfur at temperatures between 30 and 200 C. Sulfur absorption capacity as high as 22 weight percent has been observed with these materials.
Date: September 30, 1999
Creator: Siriwardane, Ranjan
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Containment canister for capturing hazardous waste debris during piping modifications

Description: The present invention relates to a containment canister for capturing hazardous waste debris during modifications to gloveboxes, or other radiological or biochemical hoods (generally termed gloveboxes therein), that require drilling and welding operations. Examples of such modifications include penetrations for pipe, thermowells, etc. In particular, the present invention relates to an improved containment canister that eliminates the need for costly containment huts and additional man power while at the same time reducing the risk of radiation exposure or other biohazard exposure to workers during glovebox modifications. The present invention also provides an improved hole saw which enables a driller to remove metal shavings and replace the hole saw if there is tooth wear present on the hole saw prior to actually penetrating a glovebox during modifications.
Date: September 30, 2001
Creator: Dozier, Stanley B.
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Portable vacuum object handling device

Description: The disclosure relates to a portable device adapted to handle objects which are not to be touched by hand. A piston and bore wall form a vacuum chamber communicating with an adaptor sealably engageable with an object to be lifted. The piston is manually moved and set to establish vacuum. A valve is manually actuable to apply the vacuum to lift the object.
Date: July 30, 1981
Creator: Anderson, G.H.
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Carrier sense data highway system. [Patent for a two-way Data Transmission System]

Description: A data transmission system is disclosed which includes a transmission medium which has a certain propagation delay time over its length. A number of data stations are successively coupled to the transmission medium for communicating with one another. Each of the data stations includes a transmitter for originating signals, each signal beginning with a carrier of a duration which is at least the propagation delay time of the transmission medium. Each data station also includes a receiver which receives other signals from other data stations and inhibits operation of the transmitter at the same data station when a carrier of another signal is received.
Date: April 30, 1981
Creator: Frankel, R.
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One-piece, composite crucible with integral withdrawal/discharge section

Description: A one-piece, composite open-bottom casting mold with integral withdrawal section is fabricated by thermal spraying of materials compatible with and used for the continuous casting of shaped products of reactive metals and alloys such as, for example, titanium and its alloys or for the gas atomization thereof.
Date: July 30, 2002
Creator: Besser, Matthew; Terpstra, Robert L. (Iowa State Univ., Ames, IA); Sordelet, Daniel J.; Anderson, Iver E.; Hartman, Alan D.; Argetsinger, Edward R. et al.
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Basic fluid system trainer

Description: This invention, a trainer mounted and housed within a mobile console, is used to teach and reinforce fluid principles to students. The system trainer has two centrifugal pumps, each driven by a corresponding two-speed electric motor. The motors are controlled by motor controllers for operating the pumps to circulate the fluid stored within a supply tank through a closed system. The pumps may be connected in series or in parallel. A number of valves are also included within the system to effect different flow paths for the fluid. In addition, temperature and pressure sensing instruments are installed throughout the closed system for measuring the characteristics of the fluid, as it passes through the different valves and pumps. These measurements are indicated on a front panel mounted to the console, as a teaching aid, to allow the students to observe the characteristics of the system.
Date: April 30, 1991
Creator: Semans, J. P.; Johnson, P. G.; LeBoeuf, R. F. Jr.; Kromka, J. A.; Goron, R. H. & Hay, G. D.
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Automated Detection and Location of Indications in Eddy Current Signals

Description: A computer implemented information extraction process that locates and identifies eddy current signal features in digital point-ordered signals, said signals representing data from inspection of test materials, by enhancing the signal features relative to signal noise, detecting features of the signals, verifying the location of the signal features that can be known in advance, and outputting information about the identity and location of all detected signal features.
Date: June 30, 1998
Creator: Brudnoy, David M.; Oppenlander, Jane E. & Levy, Arthur J.
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A Monolithic Interconnected module with a tunnel Junction for Enhanced Electrical and Optical Performance

Description: An improved thermophotovoltaic (TPV) n/p/n device is provided. Monolithic Interconnected Modules (MIMs), semiconductor devices converting infrared radiation to electricity, have been developed with improved electrical and optical performance. The structure is an n-type emitter on a p-type base with an n-type lateral conduction layer. The incorporation of a tunnel junction and the reduction in the amount of p-type material used results in negligible parasitic absorption, decreased series resistance, increased voltage and increased active area. The novel use of a tunnel junction results in the potential for a TPV device with efficiency greater than 24%.
Date: June 30, 1999
Creator: Murray, Christopher Sean & Wilt, David Morgan
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Method of Forming Diamonds from Carbonaceous Material

Description: A method for producing diamonds is provided comprising exposing carbonaceous material to ion irradiation at ambient temperature and pressure.
Date: November 30, 1999
Creator: Daulton, Tyrone; Lewis, Roy; Rehn, Lynn & Kirk, Marquis
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Toroidal magnetic detector for high resolution measurement of muon momenta

Description: A muon detector system including central and end air-core superconducting toroids and muon detectors enclosing a central calorimeter/detector are described in this paper. Muon detectors are positioned outside of toroids and all muon trajectory measurements are made in a nonmagnetic environment. Internal support for each magnet structure is provided by sheets, located at frequent and regularly spaced azimuthal planes, which interconnect the structural walls of the toroidal magnets. In a preferred embodiment, the shape of the toroidal magnet volume is adjusted to provide constant resolution over a wide range of rapidity.
Date: November 30, 1990
Creator: Bonanos, P.
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Duplex sampling apparatus and method

Description: An improved apparatus is provided for sampling a gaseous mixture and for measuring mixture components. The apparatus includes two sampling containers connected in series serving as a independently determine the amounts of condensable and noncondensable gases in admixture from a single sample. More specifically, a first container includes a first port capable of selectively connecting to and disconnecting from a sample source and a second port capable of selectively connecting to and disconnecting from a second container. A second container also includes a first port capable of selectively connecting to and disconnecting from the second port of the first container and a second port capable of either selectively connecting to and disconnecting from a differential pressure source. By cooling a mixture sample in the first container, the condensable vapors form a liquid, leaving noncondensable gases either as free gases or dissolved In the liquid. The condensed liquid is heated to drive out dissolved noncondensable gases, and all the noncondensable gases are transferred to the second container. Then the first and second containers are separated from one another in order to separately determine the amount of noncondensable gases and the amount of condensable gases in the sample.
Date: January 30, 1991
Creator: Brown, P. E. & Lloyd, R.
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Multipolar corneal-shaping electrode

Description: The disclosure relates to a multipolar probe using radiofrequency energy to reshape the cornea of an eye. The surface of the cornea is flushed continuously with a conductive coolant during operation.
Date: April 30, 1981
Creator: Doss, J.D.
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