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Multiple-reflection optical gas cell. [DOE Patent Application]

Description: A multiple-reflection optical cell for Raman or fluorescence gas analysis consists of two spherical mirrors positioned transverse to a multiple-pass laser cell in a confronting plane-parallel alignment. The two mirrors are of equal diameter but possess different radii of curvature. The spacing between the mirrors is uniform and less than half of the radius of curvature of either mirror. The mirror of greater curvature possesses a small circular portal in its center which is the effective point source for conventional Fl double lens collection optics of a monochromator-detection system. Gas to be analyzed is flowed into the cell and irradiated by a multiply-reflected composite laser beam centered between the mirrors of the cell. Raman or fluorescence radiation originating from a large volume within the cell is: (1) collected via multiple reflections with the cell mirrors; (2) partially collimated; and (3) directed through the cell portal in a geometric array compatible with Fl collection optics.
Date: June 15, 1981
Creator: Matthews, T.G.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department