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Preserving Access to Government Websites: Development and Practice in the CyberCemetery

Description: This paper discusses the development and practice in the CyberCemetery. In the late 1990's, online U.S. government information was appearing and disappearing at a rapid pace. In 1999, the University of North Texas Libraries (UNT) formed a partnership with the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) to address this issue by archiving electronic government websites. This archive, known as the CyberCemetery, provides permanent public access to the websites and publications of defunct U.S. government agencies and commissions. This partnership between UNT and GPO has expanded to include the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). This paper covers the CyberCemetery's development and the process of identifying, capturing, and publishing content in the archive.
Date: May 26, 2008
Creator: Hoffman, Starr
Partner: UNT Libraries

Behavioral Measures of Play

Description: The purpose of this article is to review the importance of play in a young child's life and to discuss the importance of measuring play when designing interventions for children with autism. Furthermore, this paper will present an example of a consistent and reliable observation system that assesses the complexity and variety of play on children with autism and with typically developing children.
Date: 2008
Creator: Guðmundsdóttir, Kristín & Ala'i-Rosales, Shahla
Partner: UNT College of Public Affairs and Community Service

Math Anxiety in Fundamentals of Algebra Students

Description: This paper describes the current state of research and understanding of math anxiety, expounds upon this information with independent research conducted at UNT, evaluates this research, and suggests a plan for improved results in mathematics education.
Date: April 3, 2008
Creator: Draznin, Sara & Brand, Neal E.
Partner: UNT Honors College

Lignite Deposits and Kidney and Renal Pelvic Cancers in Texas 1980-1998

Description: This paper discusses research on lignite deposits and kidney and renal pelvic cancers in Texas from 1980 to 1998. This study also probes the role of such factors as race, gender, and socioeconomic status on mortality rates for these cancers.
Date: April 3, 2008
Creator: Guthrey, Harvey & Oppong, Joseph R.
Partner: UNT Honors College

Gastric Cancers in Texas: Are Nitrates the Problem?

Description: This paper discusses research on gastric cancers in Texas. The study shows that in Texas, the relationship between nitrates and gastric cancer may not be as significant a factor as reported elsewhere.
Date: April 3, 2008
Creator: Mlinarich, Steve & Oppong, Joseph R.
Partner: UNT Honors College

Smoking, Secondhand Smoke, And Quitting: A Cessation Program

Description: This paper discusses a research study that uses an education program designed to teach young women about the health effects of smoking, secondhand smoke, and the benefits of quitting.
Date: April 3, 2008
Creator: Settegast, Brandi & Eve, Susan Brown
Partner: UNT Honors College

High-Throughput Workflow for Computer-Assisted Human Parsing of Biological Specimen Label Data

Description: This two-year project will advance understanding of the workflow and processes best able to increase access to and use of digitized biological collection metadata within the stakeholder communities comprised of biologists, natural history museum collections managers, biodiversity standards groups, and the library and information science community.
Date: 2008
Creator: Moen, William E.; Best, Jason H. & Neill, Amanda K.
Partner: UNT College of Information

"The Smoking Gun": Evidence that Vladimir Ussachevsky used Chinese Timbres as the Basis for his Electronic Music

Description: This paper was originally presented by Carl Rahkonen at the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) Conference on April 3, 2008 in Salt Lake City, Utah. This paper includes details about Vladimir Ussachevsky, a pioneer in the proliferation of electronic music. It also contains biographical information about Ussachevsky, as well as his archival materials. The author attempts to prove that Ussachevsky used Chinese Timbres as the basis for his electronic music.
Date: April 3, 2008
Creator: Rahkonen, Carl John & Hartsock, Ralph
Partner: UNT Music Library

TableMaker: An ad hoc Query Tool for Relational Databases

Description: This paper discusses an ad hoc query tool for relational databases. Most Web servers hosting biological data limit users to a defined set of search options and output formats that are short of the whole range of options available to users with direct database access. However, to make full use of the wealth of data in the database resource, it is desirable to have an intermediate solution that provides a broad range of flexible query and output options through a Web portal.
Date: July 2008
Creator: Lushbough, Carol; Duvick, Jon; Dong, Qunfeng; Jennewein, Douglas; Reynoldson, Joe & Brendel, Volker
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

Assessing Descriptive Substance in Free-Text Collection-Level Metadata

Description: This paper discusses assessing descriptive substance in free-text collection-level metadata. This paper reports on a content analysis of collection records in an aggregation of cultural heritage collections.
Date: September 2008
Creator: Zavalina, Oksana; Palmer, Carole L.; Jackson, Amy S. & Han, Myung-Ja
Partner: UNT College of Information

Uganda: The Pearl of Africa: A Shattered Nation

Description: This paper discusses research on Uganda and a multitude of issues, such as dealing with women, youth, internally displaced persons (IDP) camps, and peace building, to be worked on.
Date: April 3, 2008
Creator: Egan, Laura & Rollins, Christine
Partner: UNT Honors College

Relating Boolean Gate Truth Tables to One-Way Functions

Description: In this paper, the authors present a schema to build one way functions from a family of Boolean gates. Moreover, the authors relate characteristics of these Boolean gate truth tables to properties of the derived one-way functions.
Date: March 3, 2008
Creator: Gomathisankaran, Mahadevan & Tyagi, Akhilesh
Partner: UNT College of Engineering