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Atomic and Molecular Photoelectron and Auger Electron SpectroscopyStudies Using Synchrotron Radiation

Description: Electron spectroscopy, combined with synchrotron radiation, was used to measure the angular distributions of photoelectrons and Auger electrons from atoms and molecules as functions of photon energy. The branching ratios and partial cross sections were a 130 measured in certain cases. By comparison with theoretical calculations, the experimental results are interpreted in terms of the characteristic electronic structure and ionization dynamics of the atomic or molecular sample. The time structure of the synchrotron radiation source was used to record time-of-flight (TOF) spectra o f the ejected electrons. The ''a double-angle-TOF'' method for the measurement of photoelectron angular distributions is discussed. This technique offers the advantages of increased electron collect ion efficiency and the elimination of certain systematic errors. Several results were obtained for Xe using photon energies in the range hv {approx_equal} 60-190 eV, where excitation and ionization of the inner-subshell 4d electrons dominates. The 4d asymmetry parameter {beta} exhibits strong oscillations with energy, in agreement with several theoretical calculations. As predicted, the 5p asymmetry parameter was observed to deviate strongly from that calculated using the independent-electron model, due to intershell correlation with the 4d electrons.
Date: January 1, 1982
Creator: Southworth, Stephen H.
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Jet Production in the Central Rapidity Region in 1.8 TeV Proton and Antiproton Collisions

Description: In this thesis we study the jet production cross section in the central rapidity region in {bar p}p collisions at a center of mass energy of 1.8 TeV. The pseudo-rapidity {eta} is defined as {eta} {triple_bond} -ln(tan({theta}/2)), where {theta} is the angle between the directions of the jet momentum and the proton beam. We will call the region -0.7 < {eta} < 0.7 the 'central rapidity' region by definition. The goal of this thesis is to determine two kinds of differential cross sections for jet production: an inclusive jet Et distribution d{sigma}/dEt, and the distribution in invariant mass d{sigma}/dM{sub JJ} of two jet systems. These spectra serve to check the strong interaction theory, and thus to look for new phenomena, at the highest available energy. The strong interaction theory will be discussed.
Date: June 1, 1989
Creator: Tsai, Yeong-Dong & U., /Chicago
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Toxicological evaluation for the ocular administration of tolrestat: an aldose reductase inhibitor for the treatment of diabetes

Description: Aldose reductase inhibitors (ARIs) have been shown to attenuate or prevent several complications of diabetes in animals. Tolrestat is a potent and unique ARI from Ayerst Laboratories, New York, NY. The efficacy and toxicology of tolrestat via topical ocular administration was examined in this study.
Date: December 1987
Creator: Carney, Gerald R.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Molecular aging of triosephosphate isomerase

Description: This work was initiated to acquire a better understanding of the mechanisms, regulations, and significances of deamidation, as well as its role in the aging process.
Date: May 1987
Creator: YĆ¼ksel, K. Umit
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A descriptive history of Wesley College

Description: This study employs primary and secondary documentary data, as well as interviews with fifty-six individuals, to provide a chronological descriptive history of the origin, growth, development, and demise of the school, together with its philosophical bases.
Date: May 1987
Creator: McMullin, William C. (William Craig)
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An investigation of differences in public library usage patterns between gifted adults and members of the general public

Description: This study has a threefold purpose. First, to determine the effect of the variable of superior intelligence or giftedness on public library use; second, to determine whether this variable can be used as a predictor of library use; and third, to develop a model of the gifted adult as information seeker.
Date: December 1989
Creator: Foudray, Rita Catherine Schoch
Partner: UNT Libraries

Studies of the membrane and DNA gyrase inhibiting antibiotics on pigment synthesis in Corynebacterium poinsettiae

Description: The purpose of this study was (1) to determine whether a correlation exists among the protein profiles, extracted from cell membranes of mutants belonging to five pigment cluster groups, (2) to locate the protein moiety and cartenoprotein complex in the membranes of wild type and colorless mutant (designated W-19) of C. poinsettae and to show whether there are any structural differences between cell membranes of the wild type and a colorless mutant, (3) to determine the effect of six antibiotics on cartenoid gene expression.
Date: August 1988
Creator: Tabarya, Daniel
Partner: UNT Libraries

Response of female athletes to twelve-week plyometric depth-jump training

Description: This study aimed to investigate the response of trained intercollegiate and national level female athletes to twelve week depth-jump (DJ) training performed twice weekly with forty repetitions of DJs performed each training session.
Date: August 1988
Creator: Adel, Ahmed Mousa
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Nineteenth century English fresco

Description: The problem of this investigation is determining the artists, places, dates, subjects, and types of frescoes done in nineteenth century England. Included in this paper are discussions of the artists, chronology, the fresco projects, stylistic considerations, reasons for using fresco, and fresco's relevance to the subjects of the paintings.
Date: August 1980
Creator: Jay, Christina Bergquist
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The Chinese tea trade and its influence on the English garden of the eighteenth century

Description: The problem discusses the influence that tea trade between England and China may have had on eighteenth-century English garden architecture and aesthetics. Five chapters include an historical overview of non-Oriental influences on the garden, the relationship between Britain and China, the evolution of the tea trade, the motifs and decoration of tea wares, and a summary with conclusions.
Date: August 1983
Creator: Miller, Bobbie J.
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Perceived responsibility, authority, and delegation of department chairpersons compared to perceptions of faculty in Saudi Arabian universities

Description: This investigation compared the perceptions of responsibility, authority, and delegation held by department chairpersons and those held by faculty members in Saudi Arabian universities. The three purposes of the study were to determine differences in perceptions between department chairpersons and their faculty members, to determine any significant interaction between the independent variable (position) and each of the eleven clarification variables with respect to respondents' perceptions, and to determine any significant difference in perceptions between respondents in different categories of each of the clarification variables.
Date: December 1986
Creator: Masoud, Khalid S. (Khalid Saad)
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Adaptive Finite Difference Method for Hyperbolic Systems in OneSpace Dimension

Description: Many problems of physical interest have solutions which are generally quite smooth in a large portion of the region of interest, but have local phenomena such as shocks, discontinuities or large gradients which require much more accurate approximations or finer grids for reasonable accuracy. Examples are atmospheric fronts, ocean currents, and geological discontinuities. In this thesis we develop and partially analyze an adaptive finite difference mesh refinement algorithm for the initial boundary value problem for hyperbolic systems in one space dimension. The method uses clusters of uniform grids which can ''move'' along with pulses or steep gradients appearing in the calculation, and which are superimposed over a uniform coarse grid. Such refinements are created, destroyed, merged, separated, recursively nested or moved based on estimates of the local truncation error. We use a four-way linked tree and sequentially allocated deques (double-ended queues) to perform these operations efficiently. The local truncation error in the interior of the region is estimated using a three-step Richardson extrapolation procedure, which can also be considered a deferred correction method. At the boundaries we employ differences to estimate the error. Our algorithm was implemented using a portable, extensible Fortran preprocessor, to which we added records and pointers. The method is applied to three model problems: the first order wave equation, the second order wave equation, and the inviscid Burgers equation. For the first two model problems our algorithm is shown to be three to five times more efficient (in computing time) than the use of a uniform coarse mesh, for the same accuracy. Furthermore, to our knowledge, our algorithm is the only one which adaptively treats time-dependent boundary conditions for hyperbolic systems.
Date: June 1, 1982
Creator: Bolstad, John H.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: This report presents an analysis of the technical performance and cost effectiveness of nine small wind energy conversion systems (SWECS) funded during FY 1979 by the U.S. Department of Energy. Chapter 1 gives an analytic framework with which to evaluate the systems. Chapter 2 consists of a review of each of the nine projects, including project technical overviews, estimates of energy savings, and results of economic analysis. Chapter 3 summarizes technical, economic, and institutional barriers that are likely to inhibit widespread dissemination of SWECS technology.
Date: April 1, 1982
Creator: Kay, J.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Actinide Production in the Reaction of Heavy Ions withCurium-248

Description: Chemical experiments were performed to examine the usefulness of heavy ion transfer reactions in producing new, neutron-rich actinide nuclides. A general quasi-elastic to deep-inelastic mechanism is proposed, and the utility of this method as opposed to other methods (e.g. complete fusion) is discussed. The relative merits of various techniques of actinide target synthesis are discussed. A description is given of a target system designed to remove the large amounts of heat generated by the passage of a heavy ion beam through matter, thereby maximizing the beam intensity which can be safely used in an experiment. Also described is a general separation scheme for the actinide elements from protactinium (Z = 91) to mendelevium (Z = 101), and fast specific procedures for plutonium, americium and berkelium. The cross sections for the production of several nuclides from the bombardment of {sup 248}Cm with {sup 18}O, {sup 86}Kr and {sup 136}Xe projectiles at several energies near and below the Coulomb barrier were determined. The results are compared with yields from {sup 48}Ca and {sup 238}U bombardments of {sup 248}Cm. Simple extrapolation of the product yields into unknown regions of charge and mass indicates that the use of heavy ion transfer reactions to produce new, neutron-rich above-target species is limited. The substantial production of neutron-rich below-target species, however, indicates that with very heavy ions like {sup 136}Xe and {sup 238}U the new species {sup 248}Am, {sup 249}Am and {sup 247}Pu should be produced with large cross sections from a {sup 248}Cm target. A preliminary, unsuccessful attempt to isolate {sup 247}Pu is outlined. The failure is probably due to the half life of the decay, which is calculated to be less than 3 minutes. The absolute gamma ray intensities from {sup 251}Bk decay, necessary for calculating the {sup 251}Bk cross section, are also determined.
Date: July 1, 1983
Creator: Moody, K. J.
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The squirrel cage

Description: The Squirrel Cage is an intermedia composition set in three scenes and two interludes. The composition is based on the short story "The Squirrel Cage" by Thomas M. Disch. Robin Kay Willoughby created the libretto for the composition.
Date: August 1985
Creator: Kloth, Timothy Tom
Partner: UNT Libraries

Respond motets from Matins for the dead by Robert Parsons

Description: The three respond motets from Matins for the Dead by Robert Parsons constitute an important part of the sacred Latin repertory of mid-sixteenth-century England, illustrating central features of the English mid-century style. Although he worked within a conservative musical tradition, Parsons experimented with that tradition in personal and individual ways. Specifically his modal and thematic construction as well as his practice of musica ficta are singled out for closer analysis. Consequently, a methodology for editorial decisions concerning musica ficta is developed. Two special problems, the simultaneous cross-relation and diminished fourth, are shown as the result of normative polyphonic processes and vertical structures.
Date: August 1984
Creator: Nosow, Robert Michael
Partner: UNT Libraries


Description: Chronomorphosis is a chamber ensemble piece for flute, clarinet, viola, cello, piano, and percussion. The work, comprising three movements is approximately fourteen minuted in duration. One of the most apparent characteristics of the work is its progression from non-metrical time organization involving aleatoric elements to metrical time organization involving changing meters but no aleatoric elements.
Date: August 1983
Creator: Hemphill, David
Partner: UNT Libraries

Watership Down

Description: Watership Down is a work for chamber orchestra in four movements, approximately sixteen minutes in duration. The piece is a programmatic work based on the novel Watership Down by Richard Adams; however, the musical action is not intended to be an aural narrative of the story but, rather, is meant to capture the general mood of the four sections of the novel. The work exhibits the influence of several styles of late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century music with the symphonic poem being the genre it most closely resembles.
Date: August 1987
Creator: Carson, Michael
Partner: UNT Libraries