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Description: The iodine species formed either by adding hypochlorite to a basic iodide solution or by adding triiodide to sodium hydroxide, was identified as hypoiodite ion. The absorption spectrum of IO{sup -} was investigated in the wavelength range from 450 m{micro} to 280 m{micro}. The kinetics of the reaction I{sup -} + ClO{sup -} = IO{sup -} + Cl{sup -} was studied spectrophotometrically in alkaline solution. The forward rate law was found to be d(IO{sup -})/dt = k(I{sup -})(ClO{sup -})/OH{sup -}. At 25 C and an ionic strength of 1.00 M, k is 61 {+-} 3 sec{sup -1}. It was found spectrophotometrically that for certain ratios of the initial iodide to hydroxide concentrations, there was evidence of the presence of I{sub 3}{sup -}, I{sub 2}OH{sup -}, and I{sub 2}O{sup 2-} along with IO{sup -}. The equilibrium constants between IO{sup -} and these three species were evaluated by a graphical method. The formal potential of the cell: Pt:H{sub 2}:1 M NaOH : 1M NaOH, KI, NaIO : Au was found to be 1.297 v at 25 C. The equilibrium constant, K{sub 2} = (I{sub 3}{sup -})(OH{sup -}){sup 2}/(IO{sup -})(I{sup -}){sup 2}, of the reaction IO{sup -} + 2I{sup -} + H{sub 2}O {l_reversible} I{sub 3}{sup -} + 2OH{sup -} calculated from emf measurements agreed well with that from spectrophotometric measurements. The ionization constant of HOI was calculated to be 2.3 x 10{sup -11} at 25 C.
Date: June 2, 1958
Creator: Chia, Yuan-tsan.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: Ion exchange column elution methods for the separation of americium and curium using tartrate and lactate solutions have been developed which are superior to citrate elutions. Tartrate elutions are suitable for slow separations and lactate elutions are satisfactory for general use where rapid separations are required. Fission and spallation products were isolated from Pu{sup 239} targets which had been bombarded with alpha particles of 21 to 37 Mev energy. Fission yield curves as well as fission and spallation excitation functions are presented and discussed in terms of odd-even and Z{sup 2}/A effects. The high cross sections observed for the (a, 2n) and (a, p2n) reactions were surprising results from this investigation. In the course of the Pu{sup 239} bombardments, studies of the decay schemes of Am{sup 240}, Cm{sup 240}, and Cm{sup 241} were undertaken. Decay energy and half-1ife information on all of the transmercury nuclides has been collected and systematized. Trends on the energy surface for alpha energies, beta energies, nucleon binding energies, and Bohr-Wheeler parameters are presented. These energy systematics have led to a complete tabulation of the masses of the isotopes of the elements above mercury. Predictions of nuclear properties are included for some isotopes of elements 99 through 103.
Date: April 20, 1954
Creator: Glass, Richard Alois
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: Isotopes of americium and curium with mass numbers less than 242 have been produced by cyclotron bombardment techniques, and several of their nuclear properties have been investigated. The partial alpha half-lives of Am{sup 239}, Cm{sup 241}, and Cm{sup 240} and the partial half-life for spontaneous fission of Cm{sup 240} were measured. The alpha decay daughter of Cm{sup 238} was found and evidence for the discovery of Am{sup 237} (an {approx}1 hour electron capture activity) and Cm{sup 239} (an {approx}10 hour electron capture activity) has been presented. An Appendix indicating the conditions for separation of the plus three actinides by selective elution from ion exchange resin with citric acid has been included.
Date: June 1, 1952
Creator: Higgins, Gary Hoyt.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Sanitary Engineering Aspects of Long-Range Fallout from Nuclear Detonations

Description: From abstract: Results of a study of the sanitary engineering aspects of fallout from nuclear weapons are reported. Data were obtained from: a. Weekly surface water samples from 22 stations on streams and reservoirs in Eastern Massachusetts, collected from March, 1952 to July, 1953, and assayed for radioactivity. b. Weekly rain samples from March to July, 1953. c. Stream mud and soil samples collected before and after a large fallout. d. Results of fallout activity measurements by others based on samples from Massachusetts and the vicinity of Rochester, New York. Plots are presented showing the relations of the radiological data to the timing of detonations and the daily precipitation and showing daily deposition of activity and concentration in runoff. Runoff coefficients for fallout radioactivity are calculated.
Date: 1955
Creator: Bell, Carlos G., Jr.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Monthly average prices of cattle at Fort Worth, 1951-1952, with some consideration of factors involved in the 1952 price drop

Description: This report consists of a presentation of prices paid for the various classifications and grades of cattle sold in the Fort Worth Livestock Market during 1952; a comparison of 1951-1952 prices showing a sharp decline in the price of all grades and classifications which began in June 1952; and an examination of some of the major factors contributing to the decline in cattle prices as reflected in the Livestock Market, Fort Worth, Texas.
Date: June 1953
Creator: Baker, Henry Grady
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The Italienisches Liederbuch of Hugo Wolf

Description: This study was undertaken with the purpose of affording some insight into the musical aims and composing methods of Hugo Wolf, of showing his position in the history of the German Lied and his contributions to the development of this form through the analysis of one part of his work.
Date: January 1954
Creator: Friedel, Jenny Ruth Reed
Partner: UNT Libraries

Concha Espina's basic concepts as revealed through the outstanding characters in her novels and short stories

Description: This thesis is based on a study of the basic concepts of Concha Espina de Serna as revealed through the outstanding characters in ten of her novels and five volumes of short stories. The novels are grouped into three categories: those that take place in her native region of Cantabria, Spain, those that take place in other regions of Spain, and those that take place in a foreign country.
Date: June 1954
Creator: Barker, Ray Lloyd
Partner: UNT Libraries

An analysis of the characteristics of Robert Schumann's piano works

Description: The primary purpose of this thesis is to give the prospective performer of Schumann's works a better understanding of his many works for the piano and to give the pianist, and musicians in general, a better interpretaition of the pianistic devices employed by Schumann in his works for this instrument.
Date: August 1954
Creator: Newton, Olin Everette
Partner: UNT Libraries


Description: An investigation of the interactions between 300-Mev neutrons and xenon was made by means of a cloud chamber in a pulsed magnetic field of 21,700 gauss placed in the neutron beam of the 184-inch Berkeley cyclotron. Eighty-seven negative pion events and 257 other stars were analyzed. In addition an experimental check was made on the energy of the incoming neutrons. Classification, identification, and angular and energy distributions of prongs associated with all events are presented. Interpretations of results are given.
Date: October 17, 1956
Creator: Morris, Richard Herbert.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Interpretations of Hamlet's delay

Description: Perhaps the most universally discussed problem in the interpretation of the character of Hamlet is the reason for his delay in carrying out the Ghost's commands and revenging the murder of his father. Certainly Shakespeare makes no mention of the reason for Hamlet's delay. The fact that critics have never been able to untangle this mystery proves that the solution is not presented in an obvious form in the play.
Date: August 1954
Creator: Liles, Bruce L.
Partner: UNT Libraries

The economic status of college teachers in Texas compared with other professions and measured by relative support of education in Texas

Description: The problem of this study is the economic status of college teachers in Texas, with emphasis on actual support afforded that profession in the past and in the present; and objective statistical analysis of the ability of the state to more adequately support the profession now and in the future, and the theoretical and actual importance which that economic status presages for out state and society...Actual support of higher education will be measured by salaries and expenditures; ability to support will be measured by the relative wealth of each state in per capita income.
Date: June 1951
Creator: Sparkman, Roy Clifford
Partner: UNT Libraries

A comparative study of harmonic tension in Hindemith's piano sonatas and in his theoretical writings

Description: The purpose of this paper will be to compare the Hindemith theory of harmonic tension as set forth in his book, Craft of Musical Composition, with his actual use of harmonic tension in compositional practice. The compositions used for this study are Hindemith's Sonaten für Klavier, published in 1936, consisting of three sonatas.
Date: August 1957
Creator: Tull, Charlotte
Partner: UNT Libraries

A water quality study of Lake Texoma

Description: This study examines the use of the dams that create the reservoir Lake Texoma, as well as the water quality of the body of water.
Date: June 1959
Creator: Goodman, John Willis
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Photochemistry of Porphyrins

Description: No Description Available.
Date: November 1, 1953
Creator: Seely, G. R.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department