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Oral History Interview with Earl E. Ambrose, October 6, 2007

Description: Interview with Earl E. Ambrose, Korean War veteran, as part of the Tarrant County War Veterans Oral History Project. The interview includes Ambrose's personal experiences of childhood, basic training, volunteering for service in Korea, and attending Arlington State College using GI Bill benefits. Additionally, Ambrose discusses family experiences in military service, the decision to join the Marines, assignments to Quantico and Yorktown, Virginia, his brief combat experience and assignment to the Main Line of Resistance near the Imjin River, his discharge from the Marines, and his career with Bell Helicopter.
Date: October 6, 2007
Creator: Ball, Gregory & Ambrose, Earl E.
Partner: UNT Oral History Program

Oral History Interview with James F. Brede, 2011

Description: Interview with James F. Brede, dentist and U.S. Army Air Forces veteran. The interview includes his personal experiences in World War II as a B-17 co-pilot with the 8th Air Force in the European Theater, his childhood in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, enlistment in the U.S. Army Air Forces in 1943, preliminary training in Tennessee, Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas, his active service with the 379th Bomb Group in Kimbolton, England, combat experience in 35 missions, return to the U.S. and continued military service as a flight instructor in Lakeland, Florida and Wichita Falls, Texas, as well as the return to civilian life, marriage, dental school under the G.I. Bill, reenlistment in the Air Force as a dentist, his deployment to Korea, his discharge from the Air Force, and the establishment of his dental practice and experiences since retirement. The interview includes an appendix with a copy of his book.
Date: March 30, 2011
Creator: Fox, Lisa A. & Brede, James F.
Partner: UNT Oral History Program

Oral History Interview with Ealy Boyd, October 17, 2007

Description: Interview with Ealy Boyd, Korean War veteran, as part of the Tarrant County War Veterans Oral History Project. The interview includes Boyd's personal experiences about childhood and education, enlisting in the U.S. Air Force, basic training in San Antonio and his assignment to Laredo Air Base, Texas, and encounters with North Korean POWs. Additionally, Boyd discusses his deployment to Korea as a vehicle operator with the Fifth Motor Transport Squadron, assignments at various bases, his shift into vehicle maintenance MOS, then into maintenance and storage of nuclear warheads, and finally into aircraft maintenance, his civilian career with Lockheed Martin, political work for Reps. Martin Frost, Preston Geren, and Jim Wright, as well as with State Senator Mike Moncrief. The interview includes an appendix with a photograph.
Date: October 17, 2007
Creator: De Santiago Ramos, Simone C. & Ealy, Boyd
Partner: UNT Oral History Program

Oral History Interview with Marvin Dunn, October 11, 2007

Description: Interview with Korean War veteran Marvin Dunn as part of the Tarrant County War Veterans Oral History Project. The interview includes Dunn's personal experiences about boot camp and training, combat in Korea, combat at Hill 749 and Hill 884, and of being a teacher, principal, and administrator in Dallas ISD. Additionally, Dunn discusses his decision to drop out of college to join the U.S. Marine Corps, his assignment to combat unit, the battlefield injury at "the Punchbowl," that resulted in his leg amputation, the following recuperation, his opinions regarding enemy soldiers and what the U.S. accomplished in the war, civilian opinions of the war, struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, returning to college and graduate school, and his involvement with Korean War Veterans Organization. The interview also includes an appendix with photographs.
Date: October 11, 2007
Creator: Montandon, Josh & Dunn, Marvin
Partner: UNT Oral History Program

Oral History Interview with Aletha Barsanti, January 17, 2003

Description: Interview with Aletha Barsanti regarding her experiences as the wife of U. S. Army General Olinto Barsanti. They married in 1942. She remembers their courtship in San Antonio; their assignments in Europe, Japan, and Washington, D.C.; raising their children; his activities in the Korean War; his promotion to general; military protocol for the wives of general officers; and his one-year tour in the Vietnam War as the commander of the 101st Airborne Division. He was diagnosed with stomach cancer and died in May 1973.
Date: January 17, 2003
Creator: Lane, Peter B. & Barsanti, Aletha
Partner: UNT Oral History Program

Storming the City: U.S. Military Performance in Urban Warfare from World War II to Vietnam

Description: Book describing military philosophy before and after WWII, with full chapters analyzing how the U.S. Army and Marine Corps engaged in urban warfare during four specific battles: Aachen (October 1944), Manila (February 1945), Seoul (September 1959), and Hue (February 1968). Index starts on page 363.
Date: October 2015
Creator: Wahlman, Alec
Partner: UNT Press