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Mound bridge-wire welding, testing and corrosion seminar, Miamisburg, OH, May 7-8, 1968

Description: Brief summaries are presented on the following presentations: welding for low voltage operation, welding techniques at Mound, welding/joining at Sandia, Ultrasonic`s plastic assemblies of detonator components, laser welding bridge-wires, laser safety in the Biorad industrial environment, nondestructive testing at Mound, thermal cycle data and evaluation, thermal cycle nondestructive testing, corrosion of detonator electrode and bridge-wire, and corrosion studies and fabrication of bridge-wire at Sigmund Cohn.
Date: August 7, 1968
Creator: Richards, M.A.
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U.S. Department of Energy physical protection upgrades at the Latvian Academy of Sciences Nuclear Research Center, Latvia

Description: Approximately five years ago, the Safe, Secure Dismantlement program was started between the United States and countries of the Former Soviet Union (FSU). The purpose of the program is to accelerate progress toward reducing the risk of nuclear weapons proliferation, including such threats as theft, diversion, and unauthorized possession of nuclear materials. This would be accomplished by strengthening the material protection, control, and accounting systems within the FSU countries. This paper describes: the process involved, from initial contacting to project completion, for the physical protection upgrades now in place at the LNRC; the intervening activities; and a brief overview of the technical aspects of the upgrades.
Date: December 31, 1966
Creator: Haase, M.; Hine, C.; Robertson, C.; Soo Hoo, M. S.; Engling, E.; Lapenas, A. et al.
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Wire Chamber-Computer System

Description: No Description Available.
Date: January 1, 1963
Creator: Bounin, J.; Miller, R.; Neumann, M.; Sarma, J. & Sherrard, H.
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The first weighing of plutonium

Description: The following text, transcribed from the remarks of those scientists who gathered at the University of Chicago on September 10, 1967, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first weighing of plutonium, tells an important part of the story of this fascinating new element that is destined to play an increasingly significant role in the future of man.
Date: September 10, 1967
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Nuclear Performance of Large Pressurized Water Reactors Controlled by Soluble Poison

Description: The performance of large pressurized-water reactors operated with a uniformly distributed control technique such as a soluble neutron poison (boric acid) dissolved in the moderator is investigated. The cycling studies are performed in one dimension. (C.E.S.)
Date: September 1, 1963
Creator: French, R. J. & Miller, D. L.
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Fuel Management in Large Pressurized Water Reactors

Description: Economic and operational ground rules and their effects on fuel management are summarized, and examples showing the approach to typical fuel management problems are presented. The problems associated with in-core fuel management are also discussed, and the merits of various fuel cycling methods are evaluated. (D.C.W.)
Date: October 31, 1964
Creator: Dollard, W. J. & Strawbridge, L. E.
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Description: l963. The Wisconsin tandem accelerator is used part of the time for experiments in neutron physics. In these experiments the properties of neutrons from charged-particle reactions as well as the interaction of neutrons with nuclei are studied. Some of the techniques used and some of the results obtained are described. (auth)
Date: January 1, 1963
Creator: Barschall, H H
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K/sub l3/$sup +$ Decay Rates.

Description: No Description Available.
Date: January 1, 1968
Creator: Garland, R.; Tsipis, K.; Devons, S.; Rosen, J.; Tycko, D.; Pondrom, L. G. et al.
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Radiobiological Basis for the Whole Body Radiation Syndrome

Description: Data are presented that show a marked species difference in the degree of damage and in the course of events seen in the bone marrow and peripheral blood after a given dose of radiation. The data taken together indicate strongly, but do not prove, that the picture seen results primarily from damage to the stem cell population. This damage to the stem cells is manifested later in the more mature differentiating cells of the marrow, and in the peripheral blood. The picture seen results both from death of stem cells, and also injury leading to reduced proliferative capacity, with later death of the injured stem cell and all of its progeny. Thus the picture seen is a result of both quantitative and qualitative changes resulting directly from the exposure of the stem cells, and species differences relative to sensitivity and time course of events appear to depend to a large degree on differential sensitivity of the bone marrow stem cell populations to death and injury. (auth)
Date: July 19, 1963
Creator: Bond, V.P. & Fliedner, T.M.
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Measurement of the K{sup 0}{sub S} - K{sup 0}{sub L} mass difference by the time dependence of strangeness

Description: The magnitude of the K{sup 0}{sub S} - K{sup 0}{sub L} mass difference has been measured by monitoring the time dependence of the strangeness of neutral K's produced in hydrogen and deuterium in the LRL 25 '' hydrogen bubble chamber. The particles originate as K-bar{sup 0} in K{sup -} change-exchange scatters at .85 to 1.15 Bev/c; the signature for an S = -1 reaction is the production of a hyperon. Seventy- seven events were found, obtaining {Delta}{omega} = 0.50 =- 0.15, measured in units of inverse K{sup 0}{sub S} lifetime. This and two other recent measurements using the same method are consistent with one another and with measurements of {Delta}{omega} by other means. A combined ''world average'' of nine reasonably consistent measurements gives {Delta}{omega} = 0.60 +- 0.06.
Date: April 1, 1966
Creator: Camerini, U.; Cline, D.; English, J. B.; Fischbein, W.; Fry, W. F.; Gaidos, J. A. et al.
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A Modified Pyroelectric Sodium Fluoride Carrier Distillation Medthod For The Spectrographic Analysis Of Impurities In Plutonium

Description: A modification of the pyroelectric sodium fluoride carrier distillation method for analysis of impurities in plutonium metal is described. The metal is dissolved. Plutonium is precipitated and treated with nitric acid. The slurry obtained is dried and ignited. The resultant low density oxide is mixed with sodium fluoride and pressed into a pellet for arcing. Cobalt is used as the internal standard for densitometric using visual comparisons against prepared standards. The procedural modifications improve reproducibility and sensitivity of most of the elements involved. (auth)
Date: August 1, 1966
Creator: Schreiber, G. A. & Barrick, C. W.
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Description: An information storage and retrieval system (PIC) was developed, utilizing the IBM 7090 computer, for handling data pertaining to the effects of neutron irradiation on metals. The input includes a reference identification, an appropriate abstract or extract summarizing the article, code identification parameters analogous to those used by the ASM-SLA Literature Classification System, and special codes identifying relevant irradiation and testing parameters. The output contains the same data plus printing out the meaning of all special codes. Presently, the information storage consists of more than two hundred references representing several thousand lines of information. The system is both general and definitive, permitting the selection of a single piece of information or of many references dealing with a general field. It is possible to select material on the basis of one or more of the following factors: material, general or specific; type of literature; general or specific property such as mechanical tests or tensile tests; conditions of irradiation including type and level of flux, integrated flux, irradiation temperature, and reactor environment; test conditions such as temperature and environment; and general variables that might be controlling such as strain rate, specimen geometry, grain size, and fabrication history. It is felt that this system and the data systems will permit the rapid selection of relevant references once an optimum number of such references are available. (P.C.H.)
Date: August 15, 1963
Creator: Bush, S. H.
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Relative hazard of the various radioactive materials

Description: An equation is given for the relative hazard, H, of various radionuclides under uniform working conditions. H is defined as the ratio of the average muC/cc inhaled in the working area to the maximum permissible concentration, MPC, of the radionuclide for occupational exposure. The variation of H is discussed in relation to such parameters as radioactive and biological half lives of the radionuclides, fractional retention, dilution factors, specific activity, energy, RBE, relative damage factor, n, mass of the critical organ, and the maximum permissible does to the critical organ. Comparisons are made with values of H obtained by this and other investigations. The values of H obtained by this method appear to be consistent with estimates from operational experience. A table of values of specific activity, (MPC)/sub c/ and relative hazard, H, is given for the radionuclides listed in ICRP Publication No. 2, p.us values for a number of additional transuranic elements not previously listed by the ICRP.. (auth)
Date: January 1, 1963
Creator: Morgan, K.Z.; Synder, W.S. & Ford, M.R.
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Modified Murnaghan equation of state applied to shock compression of silica, basalt, and dolomite

Description: An equation of state previously used by the author is developed further and applied to geologic media. The equation is of the same form as the Murnaghan equation of state, but with the elastic constant terms replaced by the cohesive energy density (internal pressure), and the exponential term given as a sum of the Gruneisen parameter and the gaseous adiabatic exponent. Data for shock compression of silica, basalt, and dolomite are analyzed according to the equation.
Date: December 20, 1965
Creator: Rogers, L.A.
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Serology of Aerobic Aquatic Actinomycetes

Description: Article on the serology of aerobic aquatic actinomycetes.
Date: February 13, 1963
Creator: Guthrie, R. K.; Roach, A. W. & Ferguson, J. K.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences