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Psychic Phenomena Following Near-Death Experiences: An Australian Study

Description: Study examining the incidence of reports of psychic phenomena and associated beliefs both before and after the near-death experience (NDE). The near-death experiencers interviewed reported no more psychic phenomena before the NDE than the general population. There was a statistically significant increase following the NDE in the incidence of 14 of 15 items examined.
Date: Winter 1989
Creator: Sutherland, Cherie
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Near-Death Experiences: A Neurophysiological Explanatory Model

Description: Abstract: Prior hypotheses as to the etiology of near-death experiences (NDEs) have been limited to psychiatric explanations or brief discussions of endorphins as causative agents. We present a neurophysiological explanation for NDEs based on their similarities with lysergic acid-, ketamine-, and hypercampnia-induced hallucinations. We believe the core NDE is genetically imprinted and triggered by serotonergic mechanisms.
Date: Autumn 1989
Creator: Morse, Melvin L.; Venecia, David, Jr. & Milstein, Jerrold
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The Physical Environment in the City of Light

Description: Article describing the physical environment found in the other world or the City of Light, based on published accounts of near-death experiences (NDEs). The City of Light appears to be a world of preternatural beauty that cannot be described adequately. NDE accounts provide descriptions of the landscape, animal life, plant life, and architecture found in the other world.
Date: Summer 1993
Creator: Widdison, Harold A. & Lundahl, Craig R.
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Near-Death Experiences in India: They Have Tunnels Too

Description: Article exploring reports of near-death experiences (NDEs) in India. These NDEs were comparable to those reported by Raymond Moody, and included tunnels, dark spaces, and bright lights, contrary to previous reports of Indian cases.
Date: Summer 1993
Creator: Blackmore, Susan J.
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Commentary on "Frightening Near-Death Experiences"

Description: Abstract: Kenneth Ring and Nancy Evans Bush both wrote papers concerning frightening near-death experiences (NDEs) in the Fall 1994 issue of this Journal. The results of my own research are more supportive of Bush's position than they are of Ring's. This paper gives some of the reasons why and illustrates other data accumulated by me concerning frightening NDEs.
Date: Winter 1996
Creator: Gibson, Arvin S.
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Six Studies of Out-of-Body Experiences

Description: Article reviewing six studies of a basic component of the near-death experience (NDE), the out-of body experience (OBE).
Date: Winter 1998
Creator: Tart, Charles T.
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What Do Near-Death Experiencers and Jesus Have in Common? The Near-Death Experience and Spong's New Christianity

Description: Article relating near-death phenomena to John Shelby Spong's argument for a more "authentic" view of Jesus, a more spiritual understanding of humanity, and a new, evolving Christianity. Near-death research and Spong's envisioned new Christianty share in principle the ideal of progress through challenge and open dialogue.
Date: Winter 2005
Creator: Gibbs, John C.
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Social Positions in the City of Light

Description: Abstract: This article describes the social positions of inhabitants in the otherworldly City of Light as reported by a limited number of Mormon near-death experiencers (NDErs). These social positions included men and women and various relatives and friends, in addition to authorities or administrators, genealogists, guardians, guides, homemakers, missionaries, teachers, and students. These reports of social positions in the City of Light are similar to those described by other researchers, and are comparable to those found in our own world.
Date: Summer 1993
Creator: Lundahl, Craig R. & Widdison, Harold A.
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Do "Near-Death Experiences" Occur Only Near-Death? -- Revisited

Description: Abstract: Ten years ago our research on out-of-body experiences suggested that the elements of the near-death experience (NDE) were not necessarily limited to situations in which survival was threatened. A decade of continued study has confirmed that the perception of being near death, independent of the actual reality of the situation, is the key determinant of the classical NDE. From early in life, the infant's dread of catastrophe leads to the elaboration of extensive psychological defenses against the possibility of extinction. The NDE is simultaneously a manifestation of faith and a catalyst for the development of faith.
Date: Autumn 1991
Creator: Gabbard, Glen O. & Twemlow, Stuart W.
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"Being One with God Is Something That Can Be Done Without Rules": Commentary on Allan Kellehear's "Near-Death Experiences and the Pursuit of the Ideal Society"

Description: Abstract: Allan Kellehear's article is a pioneering venture exploring features of the transcendent society and comparing it with J.C. Davis's typology of ideal societies. Kellehear assumed that in the life after life there is a sociocultural ordering that can be discussed via structural functional theory and concepts; and he also assumed internal and external validity, despite evidence tot he contrary in his article. I think both of these assumptions are incorrect. What we need are alternative sociocultural frameworks and alternative research strategies, possibly from the "new science."
Date: Winter 1991
Creator: Weibust, Patricia S.
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Obituary: Arvin S. Gibson

Description: Obituary of Arvin S. Gibson, a near-death researcher and frequent contributor to the Journal of Near-Death Studies.
Date: Winter 2004
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Extrasomatic Emotions

Description: Article describing an investigation carried out in Italy on 54 subjects, half of whom had out-of-body experiences (OBEs) in good health, and half of whom had OBEs in a coma or in a state of presumed death. The focus of this research was the emotions subjects reported having felt during their OBEs.
Date: Spring 1993
Creator: Tiberi, Emilio
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Prevalence of Near-Death Experiences in Australia

Description: Study assessing the prevalence of near-death experiences (NDEs) in Australia through the use of questionnaires.
Date: Winter 2005
Creator: Perera, Mahendra; Padmasekara, Gayan & Belanti, John
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Over My Dead Body There Is an Ideal Utopia: Comments on Kellehear's Paper

Description: Article examining the logical implications and philosophical possibilities of a utopian realm, and coming to three conclusions. First, the realms described by near-death experiencers (NDErs), if taken at face value, are far from utopian. Second, any truly utopian postmortem society is so far removed from our present world as to be morally irrelevant to our own. And third, only an ideational postmortem utopia, of the sort exemplified by Pure Land Buddhist theology, can avoid both the non-utopian nature of NDErs' descriptions and the irrelevance of postmortem utopias.
Date: Winter 1991
Creator: Becker, Carl B.
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Prophetic Revelations in Near-Death Experiences

Description: Article exploring flash forwards in near-death experiences, which includes prophetic visions and prophetic revelations.
Date: Summer 2001
Creator: Lundahl, Craig R.
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Cases of the Reincarnation Type with Memories from the Intermission Between Lives

Description: Article analyzing reports from Burmese subjects which indicate that intermission memories can be broken down into three parts, and comparing these reports to reports of near-death experiences (NDEs), indicating that they show features similar to the transcendental component of Western NDEs and have significant areas of overlap with Asian NDEs.
Date: Winter 2004
Creator: Sharma, Poonam & Tucker, Jim B.
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Which Comes First: Consciousness or Aspartate Receptors?

Description: Abstract: This paper is a critique of Karl Jansen's hypothesis that near-death and ketamine experiences are caused by blockade of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors. An assumption that consciousness and its alterations are merely the product of neuronal activity is only one of many possible beliefs about reality. An alternative, which can be verified through one's own direct experiences, is that consciousness is always a subject and body is only its object. The objects come and go; consciousness remains.
Date: Autumn 1997
Creator: Kungurtseu, Igor
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Misidentified Flying Objects? A Critique

Description: Critique reviewing Stuart Twemlow's paper and presenting some evidence for the existence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs).
Date: Summer 1994
Creator: Jones, Fowler C.
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The Structure and Function of Near-Death Experiences: An Algorithmic Reincarnation Hypothesis

Description: Article examining a modification of the traditional doctrine of reincarnation that takes into account biological and cultural evolution. This allows an understanding of how the attributes of NDEs could have undergone selection even though all opportunities for mating have already passed at the time of death.
Date: Winter 2001
Creator: Murphy, Todd
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