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Dream River for Piano

Description: Composition for solo piano
Date: 1956
Creator: Johnson, Merritt
Partner: UNT Music Library

Walkin' by the River

Description: This is a manuscript score of Joseph [Joe] A. Coccia's arrangement for jazz ensemble of the song "Walkin' by the River," by Una Mae Carlisle. It includes chord symbols and sections of the music, dynamics and solo entrances were marked using red pencil. On the back of the last page of the manuscript, there are suggested performance instructions and an alternative ending addressed to Stan [Kenton]. Each page of the manuscript bears the inscription "Stan Kenton Orch."
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Date: July 16, 1957
Creator: Carlisle, Una Mae, 1915-1956. & Sour, Robert, 1905-
Partner: UNT Music Library

The encore concerto for piano and orchestra

Description: This is a holograph score of Don Gillis "The Encore Concerto for Piano and Orchestra." Gillis's dedicated this his first piano concerto to his friend Joseph Kahn. The entire score is in loose white onionskin pages and black ink. It is part of the UNT Music Library's Don Gillis Special Collection, which can be accessed at <http://www.library.unt.edu/music/special-collections/gillis/the-don-gillis-collection-1>. Page 96A is an alternative re-orchestrated version that replaces the essentially chordal accompaniment presented in p.96.
Date: 1956
Creator: Gillis, Don, 1912-1978.
Partner: UNT Music Library

I Shall Walk Proudly

Description: Sheet music for "I Shall Walk Proudly;" the poem was written by Arthur Sampley and the music is by Gerhardt Dorn. The lyrics say "I shall/ walk proudly through these lonely/ ways because I once walked proudly by your side/ not even death can rob me of the bride whose beauty/ made man love and woman praise. I wear with pride the/ splendor that you shed upon my days./ So walks a warrior's steed behind the pall and so the aide behind the/ nation's head and so the bridesmaid to the wedding strain,/ and so I walk, who, having lost my all,/ go with the valiant bearing of the dead and wear, like her, the/ smile above the pain."
Date: March 1955
Creator: Sampley, Arthur & Dorn, Gerhardt
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

The Visitor

Description: Sheet music for "The Visitor," for tenor voice. The poem is written by Arthur Sampley and the music is by George Minter. The lyrics concern a dream wherein a man encounters the boy he once was - interested in freedom, truth, love, and fame instead of the heavenly.
Date: 1951
Creator: Sampley, Arthur & Minter, George
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections