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Coping Strategies, Depression and Perceived Stress in HIV+ Individuals

Description: This poster discusses how a complex view of coping can facilitate understanding of how patients adapt to HIV and help guide researchers in the development of interventions that fit the specific disease course.
Date: August 10, 2006
Creator: Martin, Luci A.; Vosvick, Mark A. & Smith, Nathan Grant
Partner: UNT Center for Psychosocial Health Research

Pessimism, Sexual Trauma, and Personal Demographics: Covariates of Depression in College Students

Description: This poster examines depression's relationship to the combination of pessimism, sexual trauma, living arrangements, and interpersonal dependency, as well as personal demographics in college students.
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Date: August 10, 2006
Creator: Swanholm, Eric & Vosvick, Mark A.
Partner: UNT Center for Psychosocial Health Research

Spirituality and Psychological Quality of Life in HIV+ Adults

Description: This poster examines how people living with HIV/AIDS use spiritual beliefs to interpret the meaning of or perhaps appraise illness in such a way that it has a strong positive association with higher levels of psychological quality of life.
Date: August 10, 2006
Creator: Mc Kelroy, Joshua L. & Vosvick, Mark A.
Partner: UNT Center for Psychosocial Health Research

Preparing, Creating, and Managing a Large Dataset of MARC 21 Records for Research and Analysis

Description: This poster discusses preparing, creating, and managing a large dataset of MARC 21 records. The MARC Content Designation Utilization (MCDU) Project is examining catalogers' utilization of available MARC 21 content designation (e.g., fields/subfields). A critical component of this project is the development of methods, procedures, and software tools for reliable and valid analyses of the complete WorldCat database of more than 56 million MARC 21 records.
Date: January 2006
Creator: Polyakov, Serhiy
Partner: UNT College of Information