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[Political cartoon of Jerry Falwell]

Description: This document includes a political cartoon featuring Jerry Falwell, published in the Austin American-Statesman. The cartoon depicts Falwell in pajamas praying at his bed. "Jerry Falwell" is written on the headboard of the bed; a portrait of Falwell hangs above the headboard. A lamp, a Mickey Mouse doll, and a copy of the Bible are on the nightstand beside the bed. The cartoon's caption (Falwell's prayer) reads, "We thank thee for the gifts of thy bountiful herpes and thine blessed AIDS, O, Lord...Now send us something for all the other weirdos." To the right of the kneeling Falwell, the speech balloon of a character with an elongated nose reads, "Our cup runneth over". An unknown artist's signature is included in the upper right of the cartoon. "19 July 83- Austin American Statesman - Falwell" is printed vertically to the right of the cartoon. The following is printed below the cartoon: "Please return this cartoon to the Dallas Gay/Lesbian Historic Archives. 6146 St. Moritz, Dallas, Texas 75214".
Date: July 19, 1983
Creator: Austin American-Statesman
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[21.06 Trial]

Description: Photograph of Jim Barber (left), Don Baker (middle) and Bill Nelson (right) seated behind a table during the 21.06 trial in 1982. Unidentified persons are visible from the back, in the foreground.
Date: 1982
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Dallas Gay Alliance Retreat]

Description: Photograph of Dallas Gay Alliance members on a board retreat in December, 1986. They are posing together in two rows in front of a brick wall ; a quilt is partially visible on the wall behind them. They are identified from left to right as: (front row) Terry Tebedo, Don Doggendorf, Mark Rogers, Bruce Monroe, Tony Anthony and Joe Desmond; (back row) Mike Richards, Deb Elder, Bill Hunt, John Rogers, and Rodd Gray (Patti Le Plae Safe).
Date: December 1986
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections