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Early Communicative Behaviors in a Two Year Old Child with a Cochlear Implant in an Auditory-Verbal Program

Description: The communicative interchanges of a congenitally deaf child who received a cochlear implant at 24 months of age were videotaped in fifteen hourly sessions over a nine month period while she participated in auditory-verbal therapy prior to and following implantation. The present study examined selected early communicative behaviors. Using Tait's (1993) protocol for charting communicative adult-child interaction, gestures, eye-gaze, and sound uttered either by the child or an adult during communicative interchanges were transcribed from the videotapes. Results corresponded with Tait's, revealing growth in the child's communicative interaction across sessions. In less than three months following implantation phonemic measures rose dramatically. Almost all phonemic measure correlations were significant, high, and positive.
Date: December 1995
Creator: Okon, Martis R. (Martis Rebecca)
Partner: UNT Libraries