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The Use of the Tenorhorn and Baryton in the Brass Chamber Music of Oskar Böhme and Victor Ewald: a Lecture Recital, Together with Three Recitals of Selected Works of J. Boda, J. Brahms, G. Jacobs, G. Mahler, T.R. George, J. Castérède, A. Capuzzi and Others

Description: The tenorhorn and baryton (euphonium), as members of the valved conical brass family, were highly regarded by Oskar Böhme (1870-1938) and Victor Ewald (1860-1935). This study examines the role the tenorhorn and baryton played in selected works by these two composers of the Russian Chamber Brass School. A chronology of the research leading to the discovery and naming of the Russian Chamber Brass School is included as well as a discussion on brass chamber music performance practice both then and now.
Date: December 1988
Creator: Winter, Denis.
Partner: UNT Libraries