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A Constructivist Approach to the Thematic Apperception Test

Description: The purpose of this study is to explore the possibility of interpreting the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) in constructivist terms. This research project involved a qualitative approach, focusing on abductive discovery and phenomenological critique. From constructivist theory, the core ordering processes of reality, identity, power, value, and relatedness were used to interpret a subject's TAT narratives. The author of the study chose one subject from the three with which he worked to present a case study. Chapter One of the research project reviews the literature of both TAT studies and constructivist theory. The author first discussed reliability and validity studies involving the TAT. Second, the author discussed constructivist theory, focusing on its philosophical antecedents and its theoretical framework. Chapter Two of the project establishes the methods and procedures utilized during the project. The core ordering processes as taken from constructivist theory are defined and discussed in detail. Chapter Three represents the bulk of the study, presenting the results and discussion of the results. Following a discussion of the results, the author critiqued the results, and based on the critique discussed procedural changes and implications for future research.
Date: August 1996
Creator: Jones, John V. (John Victor)
Partner: UNT Libraries