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Amy, Gary L.
June 1, 1978
Primary view of Magnetic nanoparticles for applications in oscillating magnetic field
Peeraphatdit, Chorthip
December 15, 2010
Primary view of Measurement of double polarized asymmetries in quasi-elastic processes ${}^3\vec{He}(\vec{e},e' d)$ and ${}^3\vec{He}(\vec{e},e' p)$
Mihovilovic, Miha
August 1, 2012
Primary view of Measurement of Single Spin Asymmetries in Semi-Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering Reaction n↑ ( e,e' pi{sup +}) X at Jefferson Lab
Allada, Kalyan
June 1, 2010
Primary view of Measurement of single-target spin asymmetries in the electroproduction of negative pions in the semi-inclusive deep inelastic reaction n{up_arrow}(e,e'{pi}{sup -})X on a transversely polarized {sup 3}He target
Dutta, Chiranjib
June 1, 2010
Primary view of Indirectly detected chemical shift correlation NMR spectroscopy in solids under fast magic angle spinning
Mao, Kanmi
August 15, 2011
Primary view of Input/Output of ab-initio nuclear structure calculations for improved performance and portability
Laghave, Nikhil
December 15, 2010
Primary view of An investigation of exploitation versus exploration in GBEA optimization of PORS 15 and 16 Problems
Koch, Kaelynn
May 8, 2012
Primary view of A Measurement of the Weak Charge of the Proton through Parity Violating Electron Scattering using the Qweak Apparatus: A 21% Result
Beminiwattha, Rakitha
August 1, 2013
Primary view of A Measurement of the neutron electric form factor at very large momentum transfer using polaried electrions scattering from a polarized helium-3 target
Kelleher, Aidan
October 1, 2010
Primary view of Determination of the Azimuthal Asymmetry of Deuteron Photodisintegration in the Energy Region E{sub {gamma}} = 1.1 - 2.3 GeV
Zachariou, Nicholas
May 20, 2012
Primary view of Developing nanotechnology for biofuel and plant science applications
Valenstein, Justin
June 20, 2012
Primary view of Developing new optical imaging techniques for single particle and molecule tracking in live cells
Sun, Wei
December 15, 2010
Primary view of High Temperature coatings based on {beta}-NiAI
Severs, Kevin
July 10, 2012
Primary view of Homometallic and Heterometallic Antiferromagnetic Rings: Magnetic Properties Studied by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Casadei, Cecilia
May 9, 2012
Primary view of Increasing the efficiency of organic solar cells by photonic and electrostatic-field enhancements
Nalwa, Kanwar
November 3, 2012
Primary view of Hot electron dynamics in graphene
Ling, Meng-Cheieh
October 20, 2011
Primary view of Ag on Si(111) from basic science to application
Belianinov, Aleksey
April 4, 2012
Primary view of Enhanced performance of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) and OLED-based photoluminescent sensing platforms by novel microstructures and device architectures
Liu, Rui
August 1, 2012
Primary view of Electroproduction de pions neutres dans le Hall A au Jefferson Laboratory
Fuchey, Eric
June 1, 2010
Primary view of Deciphering the details of RNA aminoglycoside interactions: from atomistic models to biotechnological applications
Ilgu, Muslum
July 23, 2012
Primary view of Feet on the potential energy surface, head in the pie clouds
Smith, Quentin
July 12, 2012
Primary view of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) and Optically-Detected Magnetic Resonance (ODMR) studies on organic materials
Cai, Min
November 30, 2011
Primary view of Paralization and check pointing of GPU applications through program transformation
Solano-Quinde, Lizandro Dami#19 & Laboratory], an
November 15, 2012