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Caravel pendant

Description: This caravel pendant is made of metal and gems. It resembles a ship with sail. The base of the caravel consists of a transparent emerald of deep green colour. The sail and cross are also made of emeralds. There is a chain attached to the pendant leading to the cross with metal rods attached on all four sides. Sail is white in color with circular motifs. At the back of the ship there is a vertical strip with curvilinear patterns of swirls.
Date: 1600
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design

Choir Organ with Open Panels

Description: The interior of the organ is decorated with paintings.
Date: 1600/1699~
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design


Description: This decorative art earthenware is a low sunk dish made of lead and Lacquer glazed. Dish is full of organic shapes. There is a snake in middle with textured body full of scales. It has a white head with black spots all over the body. Snake is coiled up in the center. It is surrounded by many green leaves of various shapes and sizes. There are many shells placed all over the dish. Shells are of different variety. At the brim of the dish there are various leaf vein textures visible.
Date: 1600~
Creator: Palissy, Bernard
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design

Polonaise Carpet

Description: The rug is muted in blue, yellow, green, red and beige colors. The pattern is complex and symmetrical and has a double edged border.
Date: 1600/1699~
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design