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Effect of Thermal Treatment With Water, H₂So₄ and Naoh Aqueous Solution on Color, Cell Wall and Chemical Structure of Poplar Wood

Description: This article describes a study to observe and quantify the changes of color on wood surface and microstructure of cell walls after the thermal treatment with water, dilute acid and alkali, and to describe the changes of chemical structure on wood surface after those pretreatments.
Date: March 3, 2018
Creator: Shi, Jiangtao; Lu, Yu; Zhang, Yaoli; Cai, Liping & Shi, Sheldon Q.
Partner: UNT College of Engineering

World Trade Organization: Overview and Future Direction

Description: This report provides background history of the World Trade Organization (WTO), its organization, and current status of negotiations. It also explores concerns regarding the WTO's future direction and key policy issues for Congress.
Date: November 29, 2018
Creator: Cimino-Isaacs, Cathleen D.; Fefer, Rachel F. & Fergusson, Ian F.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

China's Status as a Nonmarket Economy (NME)

Description: This report discusses China's classification by the World Trade Organization (WTO). China contends that language in its WTO accession protocol required all WTO members to terminate their use of the alternative methodology; the United States and other WTO members argue that that the WTO language did not automatically obligate them to extend market economy status (MES) to China.
Date: October 22, 2018
Creator: Morrison, Wayne M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Site Environmental Report summary, 1993

Description: This report describes the Fernald site mission, exposure pathways, and environmental standards and guidelines. Environmental monitoring activities measure and estimate the amount of radioactive and nonradioactive materials that may leave the site and enter the surrounding environment. This presents an overall view of the impact these activities have on the local environment and public health.
Date: June 1, 1994
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Two-dimensional numerical simulation of a Stirling engine heat exchanger

Description: This paper describes the first phase of an effort to develop multidimensional models of Stirling engine components; the ultimate goal is to model an entire engine working space. More specifically, this paper describes parallel plate and tubular heat exchanger models with emphasis on the central part of the channel (i.e., ignoring hydrodynamic and thermal end effects). The model assumes: Laminar, incompressible flow with constant thermophysical properties. In addition, a constant axial temperature gradient is imposed. The governing equations, describing the model, have been solved Crack-Nicloson finite-difference scheme. Model predictions have been compared with analytical solutions for oscillating/reversing flow and heat transfer in order to check numerical accuracy. The simplifying assumptions will later be relaxed to permit modeling of incompressible, laminar/turbulent flow that occurs in Stirling heat exchanger. Excellent agreement has been obtained for the model predictions with analytical solutions available for both flow in circular tubes and between parallel plates. Also the heat transfer computational results are in good agreement with the heat transfer analytical results for parallel plates.
Date: September 1, 1994
Creator: Ibrahim, M. B.; Tew, R. C. & Dudenhoefer, J. E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Advanced gas turbine systems research. Quarterly technical progress report, April 1, 1994--June 30, 1994

Description: A cooperative development of gas turbines for electric power generation in USA is underway. Since the first AGTSR program manager has retired, a search for a new manager has begun. Reports during this period include membership, combustion instability white paper, and a summary paper for the ASME IGTI conference.
Date: July 1, 1994
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Heterogeneous catalytic process for alcohol fuels from syngas. Fifth quarterly technical progress report, January--March, 1993

Description: Objective is to evaluate heterogeneous catalysts for converting syngas to oxygenates for use as fuel enhancers, and to develop the best total process for converting syngas to liquid fuels. Two tasks are being pursued: Catalyst R and D, and engineering studies. Initial work will be on the isobutanol catalyst system. A microreactor has been prepared for screening heterogeneous catalysts.
Date: November 1, 1993
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Design/Installation and Structural Integrity Assessment of Bethel Valley Low-Level Waste collection and transfer system upgrade for Building 3092 (central off-gas scrubber facility) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Description: This document describes and assesses planned modifications to be made to the Building 3092 Central Off-Gas Scrubber Facility of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The modifications are made in response to the requirements of 40CFR264 Subpart J, relating to environmental protection requirements for buried tank systems. The modifications include the provision of a new scrubber recirculation tank in a new, below ground, lined concrete vault, replacing an existing recirculation sump that does not provide double containment. A new buried, double contained pipeline is provided to permit discharge of spent scrubber recirculation fluid to the Central Waste Collection Header. The new vault, tank, and discharge line are provided with leak detection and provisions to remove accumulated liquid. Ne scrubber recirculation pumps, piping, and accessories are also provided. This assessment concludes that the planned modifications comply with applicable requirements of 40CFR264 Subpart J, as set forth in Appendix F to the Federal Facility Agreement, Docket No. 89-04-FF, covering the Oak Ridge Reservation. A formal design certification statement is included herein on Page 53, a certification covering the installation shall be executed prior to placing the modified facility into service.
Date: October 1, 1994
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: Neutron hardening and embrittlement of pressure vessel steels is due to a high density of nanometer scale features, including Cu-rich precipitates which form as a result of radiation enhanced diffusion. High-energy displacement cascades generate large numbers of both isolated point defects and clusters of vacancies and interstitials. The subsequent clustering, diffusion and ultimate annihilation of primary damage is inherently coupled with solute transport and hence, the overall chemical and microstructural evolutions under irradiation. In this work, we present atomistic simulation results, based on many-body interatomic potentials, of the migration of vacancies, solute and self-interstitial atoms (SIA) in pure Fe and binary Fe-0.9 and 1.0 at.% Cu alloys. Cu diffusion occurs by a vacancy mechanism and the calculated Cu diffusivity is in good agreement with experimental data. Strain field interactions between the oversized substitutional Cu solute atoms and SIA and SIA clusters are predominantly repulsive and result in both a decreased activation energy and diffusion pre-factor for SIA and small (N < 5) SIA cluster migration, which occurs by three-dimensional motion. The Cu appears to enhance the reorientation of the SIA clusters to different <111> directions, as well as the transition from <110> to mobile <111> configurations. The migration behavior of larger SIA clusters, which undergo only one-dimensional diffusion during molecular dynamics timescales, is largely unaffected by the Fe-Cu alloy, although SIA clusters are effectively repelled by coherent Cu precipitates.
Date: January 25, 2001
Creator: Marian, J; Wirth, B D; Perlado, J M; Odette, G R & Diaz de la Rubia, T
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

OCRWM procedure for reporting software baseline change information

Description: The purpose of this procedure is to establish a requirement and method for participant organizations to report software baseline change information to the M&O Configuration Management (CM) organization for inclusion in the OCRWM Configuration Information System (CIS). (The requirements for performing software configuration management (SCM) are found in the OCRWM Quality Assurance Requirements and Description (QARD) document and in applicable DOE orders, and not in this procedure.) This procedure provides a linkage between each participant`s SCM system and the CIS, which may be accessed for identification, descriptive, and contact information pertaining to software released by a participant. Such information from the CIS will enable retrieval of details and copies of software code and documentation from the participant SCM system.
Date: July 1, 1994
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Electron density profile from visible bremsstrahlung array measurements on TFTR

Description: A new asymmetric Abel inversion method developed for interferometry is applied to tangential visible bremsstrahlung (VB) array (16 channels) measurements on TFTR to evaluate electron density and Z{sub eff} profiles. the electron density profile deduced from VB array measurements is meaningful in tokamak plasmas where the Z{sub eff} profile is flat or nearly flat. In addition, a preliminary result shows that the Z{sub eff} profile is hollow in high power neutral-beam heated plasmas.
Date: October 1, 1993
Creator: Park, H. K. & Adler, H.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Microscopic evaluation of low-temperature embrittlement in Type 308 stainless steel welds

Description: Effect of aging of type 308 stainless steel weld metal from 400 to 550C on microstructure was examined. Microstructural development was correlated with earlier results on mechanical properties that showed the ferrite-containing welds were prone to severe embrittlement when aged in this temperature range. The embrittlement was manifested by an increase in the ductile-brittle transition temperature and a drop in the upper-shelf energy. It was found that although the embrittlement over this aging temperature range was comparable, the microstructural changes that were responsible for the embrittlement were different at different temperatures. Embrittlement was caused by a combination of spinodal decomposition of ferrite, precipitation of M{sub 23}C{sub 6} carbide at the ferrite/austenite interface, and G-phase precipitation within the ferrite. Sigma phase formation at 550C may also be a contributing factor to the embrittlement.
Date: September 1, 1993
Creator: Vitek, J. M.; David, S. A. & Alexander, D. J.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

BioZoom: Exploiting Source-Capability Information for Integrated Access to Multiple Bioinformatics Data Sources

Description: Modern Bioinformatics data sources are widely used by molecular biologists for homology searching and new drug discovery. User-friendly and yet responsive access is one of the most desirable properties for integrated access to the rapidly growing, heterogeneous, and distributed collection of data sources. The increasing volume and diversity of digital information related to bioinformatics (such as genomes, protein sequences, protein structures, etc.) have led to a growing problem that conventional data management systems do not have, namely finding which information sources out of many candidate choices are the most relevant and most accessible to answer a given user query. We refer to this problem as the query routing problem. In this paper we introduce the notation and issues of query routing, and present a practical solution for designing a scalable query routing system based on multi-level progressive pruning strategies. The key idea is to create and maintain source-capability profiles independently, and to provide algorithms that can dynamically discover relevant information sources for a given query through the smart use of source profiles. Compared to the keyword-based indexing techniques adopted in most of the search engines and software, our approach offers fine-granularity of interest matching, thus it is more powerful and effective for handling queries with complex conditions.
Date: January 9, 2003
Creator: Liu, L; Buttler, D; Critchlow, T J; Han, W; Paques, H; Pu, C et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Structural Modifications in Fused Silica Due to Laser Damage Induced Shock Compression

Description: High power laser pulses can produce damage in high quality fused silica optics that can lead to its eventual obscuration and failure. Current models suggest the initiation of a plasma detonation due to absorbing initiators and defects, leading to the formation of shock waves. Recent experiments have found a densified layer at the bottom of damage sites, as evidence of the laser-damage model. We have studied the propagation of shock waves through fused silica using molecular dynamics. These simulations show drastic modifications in the structure and topology of the network, in agreement with experimental observations.
Date: December 5, 2001
Creator: Kubota, A; Davila, L; Caturla, M J; Stolken, J S; Sadigh, B; Quong, A et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department