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Defense Primer: Department of the Navy

Description: This report provides basic information on the Department of the Navy, which includes both the Navy and the Marine Corps. It also describes the Coast Guard's relationship to the Department.
Date: November 8, 2018
Creator: O'Rourke, Ronald
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Nuclear Energy: Overview of Congressional Issues

Description: This report discusses nuclear energy and various issues and concerns related to it use in six topics: radioactive waste, economic viability, safety, technological advances, security and emergency plans, and nuclear weapon nonproliferation.
Date: November 16, 2018
Creator: Holt, Mark
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

The "National Security Exception" and the World Trade Organization

Description: This report examines the meaning of the national security exception in Article XXI of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)--a provision also implicated in a recent World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute between Russia and Ukraine; a blockade of Qatar by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates; and a few other disputes.
Date: November 28, 2018
Creator: Murrill, Brandon J.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Reduced structural flexibility for an exonuclease deficient DNA polymerase III mutant

Description: This article reports on the dynamics of E coli DNA polymerase III proofreading in the presence of its processivity factor, the β₂-sliding clamp, at varying base pair termini using single-molecule FRET.
Date: June 29, 2018
Creator: Gahlon, Hailey L.; Walker, Alice R.; Cisneros, Gerardo Andrés; Lamers, Meindert H. & Rueda, David S.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

Experimental Determination of Residual Stresses Generated by Single Point Incremental Forming of AlSi10Mg Sheets Produced Using SLM Additive Manufacturing Process

Description: This article focuses on investigating the residual stress values associated with a part fabricated by Selective Laser Melting technology (SLM) when this is subjected further to forces on single point incremental forming (SPIF) operation of variable wall angle.
Date: November 13, 2018
Creator: López, Cecilio; Elías-Zúñiga, Alex; Jiménez, Isaac; Martinez-Romero, Oscar; Siller, Héctor R. & Diabb, José
Partner: UNT College of Engineering

Pyrene Bearing Azo-Functionalized Porous Nanofibers for CO₂ Separation and Toxic Metal Cation Sensing

Description: This article describes the construction of a novel luminescent azo-linked polymer from 1,3,6,8-tetra(4--aminophenyl)pyrene using a copper(I)-catalyzed oxidative homocoupling reaction.
Date: August 6, 2018
Creator: El-Kadri, Oussama M.; Tessema, Tsemre-Dingel; Almotawa, Ruaa M.; Arvapally, Ravi K.; Al-Sayah, Mohammad H.; Omary, Mohammad A. et al.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

United States and Saudi Arabia Energy Relations

Description: This report provides an overview of the U.S.-Saudi Arabia energy relationship that dates back to at least 1933. Since then, this relationship has witnessed the creation of the Arabian American Oil Company (Aramco), nationalization and ownership transfer of Aramco to Saudi Arabia (renamed Saudi Aramco), a Saudi-supported embargo of crude oil shipments to the United States, and various periods of energy cooperation. Today, the U.S.-Saudi energy relationship includes interests within three general categories: (1) energy trade, (2) business operations, and (3) global petroleum prices.
Date: November 19, 2018
Creator: Brown, Phillip & Pirog, Robert
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Iran: Efforts to Preserve Economic Benefits of the Nuclear Deal

Description: This report discusses efforts by the non-U.S. parties to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)--the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, China, the European Union (EU), and Iran--to preserve the accord after the United States announced they would cease implementation.
Date: November 8, 2018
Creator: Cimino-Isaacs, Cathleen D.; Katzman, Kenneth & Mix, Derek E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Xenopus and the art of oxygen maintenance

Description: This column article discusses the impact of Robert Boutillier and Graham Shelton's 1986 Journal of Experimental Biology paper "Gas exchange, storage and transport in voluntarily diving Xenopus laevis."
Date: November 15, 2017
Creator: Tattersall, Glenn & Burggren, Warren W.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

Triplet electron transfer and spin polarization in a palladium porphyrin–fullerene conjugate

Description: This article uses Transient electron paramagnetic resonance (TREPR) spectroscopy to investigate the pathway and dynamics of electron transfer in a palladium porphyrin–fullerene donor–acceptor conjugate.
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Date: October 29, 2018
Creator: Poddutoori, Prashanth K.; Kandrashkin, Yuri E.; Obondi, Christopher O.; D'Souza, Francis & van der Est, Art
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

U.S. Strategic Nuclear Forces: Background, Developments, and Issues

Description: This report reviews the ongoing programs that will affect the expected size and shape of the U.S. strategic nuclear force structure. It includes information of the historic structure and changes over time as well as details about each category of delivery vehicle--land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), submarine launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), and heavy bombers--focusing on their current deployments and ongoing and planned modernization programs. The report concludes with a discussion of issues related to decisions about the future of the U.S. strategic nuclear force.
Date: November 21, 2018
Creator: Woolf, Amy F.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Protection of Executive Branch Officials

Description: This report discusses the possibility of protective details for executive branch officials, in response to recent attempted bombing attacks on current and former government officials.
Date: October 25, 2018
Creator: Reese, Shawn & Nagel, Jared C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Who Can Serve as Acting Attorney General

Description: This report discusses the two primary arguments raised to challenge the President's decision to name Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General: first, that the Vacancies Act does not apply because another statute, 28 U.S.C. § 508, provides that the Deputy Attorney General (DAG) serves as Acting AG in the event of a vacancy; and second, that the Appointments Clause prohibits Whitaker, a non-Senate-confirmed official, from serving as the head of the Department of Justice (DOJ).
Date: November 15, 2018
Creator: Brannon, Valerie C. & Cole, Jared P.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

The SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act (P.L. 115-271): Food and Drug Administration and Controlled Substance Provisions

Description: This report summarizes the provisions in Title III--the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and Controlled Substance Provisions, as well as Section 4004 "Modernizing the Reporting Requirements of Biological and Biosimilar Products" in Title IV--Offsets.
Date: November 15, 2018
Creator: Dabrowska, Agata; Green, Victoria R.; Sacco, Lisa N. & Yeh, Brian T.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department