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Engineering Geology Bearing on Harbor Site Selection Along the Northwest Coast of Alaska from Nome to Point Barrow

Description: From abstract: This report describes geologic and oceanographic factors relevant to the selection of a site in northwestern Alaska, at which an experimental harbor can be created by the explosion of a nuclear device. Part I describes the results of a preliminary survey of the entire coastal and offshore region between Nome and Point Barrow: Part II consists of a more detailed evaluation of the Cape Thompson-Cape Seppings area; and Part III is a theoretical consideration of the effect of the ocean upon the temperature and distribution of permafrost. The report is based entirely upon the study of published and unpublished reports, field notes, and maps, interviews with the few geologists who have visited the region, and the interpretation of aerial photographs.
Date: April 1958
Creator: Péwé, Troy Lewis; Hopkins, David Moody & Lachenbruch, Arthur H.
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Uranium Deposits in the Red Desert of the Great Divide Basin, Sweetwater County, Wyoming

Description: From introduction: The investigations that are the subject of this report were to appraise the uranium resources of the Red Desert area, and to accumulate data concerning the geology of uranium. Knowledge of the genesis of the schroeckingerite is necessary for a clear appraisal of the deposit.
Date: November 1951
Creator: Wyant, Donald G.; Sharp, William N. & Sheridan, Douglas M.
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Interim Report on Geologic Investigations of the U12e Tunnel System, Nevada Test Site, Nye County, Nevada

Description: From introduction: The maps and tables comprising this report are being transmitted at this time to provide interested users with a summary of the geology of the Ul2e tunnel system. The system was constructed to provide access to underground test sites. This report contains part of the geologic information obtained from investigations conducted by the U. S. Geological Survey to determine the geologic environment of the underground test sites. Results of geophysical and radiometric surveys, and physical properties are being studied. This work was done on behalf of the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission.
Date: September 1960
Creator: McKeown, F. A. & Dickey, D. D.
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Uranium Deposits of the Carlile Quadrangle, Crook County, Wyoming

Description: From abstract: The uranium deposits in the Carlile quadrangle, southwestern Crook County, Wyo., are in relatively flat-lying sandstone beds in the lower part of the Inyan Kara group of Early Cretaceous age. The Carlile mine has the largest deposit in the quadrangle; the ore minerals are carnotite and tyuyamunite associated with carbonaceous material in a sandstone lens.
Date: August 1957
Creator: Bergendahl, M. H.
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The Uranium, Tin, and Copper Deposits at Majuba Hill, Pershing County, Nevada

Description: From abstract: Uranium is associated with copper and tin ores in the Majuba Hill area, Antelope mining district, in the central part of the Antelope Range, Pershing County, Nev. About 23, 000 tons of copper and 200 tons of tin ore, a small quantity of lead-silver ore, and some arsenic-silver ore have been produced from the Majuba Hill mine, the Last Chance mine, and a mine in sec. 34, T. 33 N., R. 31 E.
Date: December 1952
Creator: Thurston, Ralph H. & Trites, Albert F., Jr.
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Outline of Geology of the U12k and U12k.01 Tunnels, Area 12, Nevada Test Site

Description: From introduction: Descriptive data for the Ul2k tunnel system are summarized in table 1. The U12k and U12k.01 tunnels were driven in predominantly air-fall tuffs of the Grouse Canyon and Survey Butte Members of the Oak Spring Formation of- Miocene(?) or younger age. The base of the Grouse Canyon Member is exposed in the road cut 500 to 700 feet east of, and at the same approximate elevation as, the portal U12k tunnel. The contact of the Grouse Canyon Member with the younger Survey Butte Member is at.5+63R and 5+56L in Ul2k.O1L (Personnel tunnel) and at 7+08R and 7+03L in U12k.O1R (Line of sight tunnel). A total of 165 feet of tuff of the Grouse Canyon Member is exposed in and near the tunnel, but only 74 feet of the Survey Butte Member is exposed in the U12k tunnel system.
Date: 1962
Creator: Houser, Fred N.
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Summary of Investigations of Uranium Deposits in the Pumpkin Buttes Area, Johnson and Campbell Counties, Wyoming

Description: From abstract: Uranium minerals were discovered in the Pumpkin Buttes area, Campbell and Johnson Counties by the U. S. Geological Survey in October 1951. From June to November 1952, an area of about 750 square miles was examined for uranium deposits, and 211 localities with abnormally high radioactivity were found; uranium minerals are visible at 121 of these localities.
Date: July 1953
Creator: Troyer, Max L.; McKay, Edward J.; Soister, Paul E. & Wallace, Stewart R.
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