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Considerations of the Total Drag of Supersonic Airfoil Sections

Description: The results of calculations of the viscous and pressure drags of some two-dimensional supersonic airfoils at zero lift are presented. The results indicate that inclusion of viscous drag alters many previous results regarding the desirability of certain airfoil shapes for securing low drags at supersonic speeds. At certain Reynolds and Mach numbers, for instance, a circular-arc airfoil may theoretically have less drag than the previously advocated symmetrical wedge-shape profile; although under different conditions, the circular-arc airfoil may have a higher drag.
Date: July 1947
Creator: Ivey, H. Reese & Klunker, E. Bernard
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Some Recent Contributions to the Study of Transition and Turbulent Boundary Layers

Description: Report presenting a paper in two parts about transition and turbulent boundary layers. The first part reviews the current problem of the instability of laminar boundary layers. The second part reviews the current state of knowledge of the mechanics of turbulent boundary layers and of the methods now being used for fundamental studies of the turbulent fluctuations in turbulent boundary layers.
Date: April 1947
Creator: Dryden, Hugh L.
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Two-Dimensional Irrotational Transonic Flows of a Compressible Fluid

Description: The methods of NACA TN No. 995 have been slightly modified and extended in include flows with circulation by considering the alteration of the singularities of the incompressible solution due to the presence of the hypergeometric functions in the analytic continuation of the solution. It was found that for finite Mach numbers the only case in which the nature of the singularity can remain unchanged is for a ratio of specific heats equal to -1. From a study of two particular flows it seems that the effect of geometry cannot be neglected, and the conventional "pressure-correction" formulas are not valid, even in the subsonic region if the body is thick, especially if there is a supersonic region in the flow.
Date: June 1948
Creator: Kuo, Yung-Huai
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Tables and charts of flow parameters across oblique shocks

Description: Shock-wave equations have been evaluated for a range of Mach number in front of the shock from 1.05 to 4.0. Mach number behind the shock, pressure ratio, derivation of flow, and angle of shock are presented on charts. Values are also included for density ratio and change in entropy.
Date: August 1948
Creator: Neice, Mary M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Two-dimensional subsonic compressible flows past arbitrary bodies by the variational method

Description: Instead of solving the nonlinear differential equation which governs the compressible flow, an approximate method of solution by means of the variational method is used. The general problem of steady irrotational flow past an arbitrary body is formulated. Two examples were carried out, namely, the flow past a circular cylinder and the flow past a thin curved surface. The variational method yields results of velocity and pressure distributions which compare excellently with those found by existing methods. These results indicate that the variational method will yield good approximate solution for flow past both thick and thin bodies at both high and low Mach numbers.
Date: March 1951
Creator: Wang, Chi-Teh
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Performance of B. M. W. 185-horsepower airplane engine

Description: Report discusses the results of testing on a B.M.W. engine in an altitude chamber where temperature and pressure can be controlled to simulate flight at various altitudes. Results for various engine speeds, altitudes, and propeller speeds are provided.
Date: April 13, 1922
Creator: Sparrow, Stanwood Willston
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Tables for the Computation of Wave Drag of Arrow Wings of Arbitrary Airfoil Section

Description: Tables and computing instructions for the rapid evaluation of the wave drag of delta wings and of arrow wings having a ration of the tangent of the trailing-edge sweep angle to the tangent of the leading-edge sweep angle in the range from -1.0 to 0.8. The tables cover a range of both subsonic and supersonic leading edges.
Date: June 1954
Creator: Grant, Fredrick C. & Cooper, Morton
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Average Outside-Surface Heat-Transfer Coefficients and Velocity Distributions for Heated and Cooled Impulse Turbine Blades in Static Cascades

Description: Heat-transfer investigation conducted on cooled as well heated impulse-type turbine blades in a static cascade to determine the effect of direction of heat flow on convective heat-transfer coefficients.
Date: March 9, 1951
Creator: Hubbartt, James E. & Schum, Eugene F.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Charts for the Computation of Equilibrium Composition of Chemical Reactions in the Carbon-Hydrogen-Nitrogen System at Temperatures from 2000 to 5000 Degrees K

Description: Charts are provided for the estimation and progressive adjustment of two independent variables on which the calculations are based. Additional charts are provided for the graphical calculation of the composition.
Date: July 1948
Creator: Huff, Vearl N. & Calvert, Clyde S.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

An investigation of a thermal ice-prevention system for a C-46 cargo airplane III: description of thermal ice-prevention equipment for wings, empennage, and windshield

Description: Report presenting an investigation of a thermal ice-prevention system for a Curtiss-Wright C-46 airplane, including the equipment for the wings, empennage, and windshield. The report is the third in a series and focuses on the revisions to the components for thermal ice prevention, the temperature- and pressure-measurement equipment installed in the airplane to determine the performance of the system, and the results of static-load structural tests of a specimen of the wing outer-panel leading edge.
Date: February 1945
Creator: Jones, Alun R. & Spies, Ray J., Jr.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

An investigation of aircraft heaters IX: measured and predicted performance of two exhaust gas-air heat exchangers and an apparatus for evaluating exhaust gas-air heat exchangers

Description: Report presenting laboratory testing to determine the thermal output and pressure drop characteristics of the Airesearch and Solar fluted-type exhaust gas-air heat exchangers. The apparatus used in these tests consisted of a natural gas furnace of 3,000,000 Btu per hour thermal capacity, a centrifugal blower, and a system of ducting and various measuring devices. Results regarding the method of analysis, the Airesearch heat exchanger tests, the solar heat exchanger tests, and a comparison of the two heat exchangers are provided.
Date: March 1943
Creator: Boelter, L. M. K.; Miller, M. A.; Sharp, W. H.; Morrin, E. H.; Iversen, H. W. & Mason, W. E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department