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[Family outing]

Description: Photograph of a Cuellar family outing with three men and two women at an unidentified lake. Frank Sr. is seen in the middle of the group next to Julia (right side). The family is sitting on a boat laid on the ground in front of a lake. All three men are wearing a white button-up shirt with dark-colored trousers and two of them are wearing hats. The man on the right corner is holding a parasol. Both women are wearing flapper dresses and holding parasols but the woman on the left is also holding a ukulele. A field with another family picnicking are seen behind the lake. Written on back: "Frank Cuellar - Family outing."
Date: 1926
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Album page with portraits]

Description: Photograph of an early family album page with family portraits and photographs of different members of the Cuellar family. The top of the front page displays twenty-seven facial portraits of men and women from the Cuellar family. Adhesive can still be seen where the some photographs are missing. On the bottom left of the front page, two women and a girl stand in front of a crop field. On the right side of the front page, a woman with a necklace and light-colored blouse sits in front of a blank backdrop. On the left side of the back page, is a crop field already harvested. On the right side of the back page displays two women, while standing in a field, holding two large flags crossing each other. The flag facing to the left side is the Mexico flag and the flag facing the right side is the United States flag. Written on the bottom: "Sept. of 1921."
Date: September 1921
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Gonzales brothers orchestra]

Description: Photograph of a festival with musicians, Gonzales Brothers Orchestra, on a stage with children wearing a sash. A man holding the Mexican flag stands on the left side of the photograph while the American Flag is on the right side. Decorations and portraits of historical figures are displayed on the background.
Date: 1925
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Album page with five photos "fair/parade"]

Description: Photograph of an early family album page with five photographs of different members of the Cuellar family. The front page, on the left side, there are two men paddling on a boat at an unidentified lake. The men wear a white shirt, a straw boater hat, and trousers. On the right side, a group of women (about twenty) and girls wearing similar dresses and a matching sash, stand in front of a fair. On the back of the page, on the left, a group of people stand next to car in front of a building. Four are women in different colored dresses next to a man (on the left) in a suit and tie who also wears a fedora hat. Bottom corner of the back page, there is a group portrait with four women wearing dark-colored dresses next to three men wearing boater hats, shirt, neck-ties, and trousers. The last photograph has three women in winter attire standing in front of parked cars.
Date: 1921
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[Cuellar Cafe interior with frame]

Description: Photograph of family members inside the Cuellar Café restaurant located in Kaufman, Texas. Two men and two women stand behind the counter. A woman stands next to the counter stools in front of the restaurant tables and chairs. Written on back of the photograph: "Cuellar Cafe, Kaufman, TX 1928 - Carolina (sister), Frank Cuellar Sr., Julia Cuellar, Isabel, Amos (brother). This place originated in June 7, 1928".
Date: 1928
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Jose portrait]

Description: Photograph of a man with suit and glasses in front of a dark background. Written on back: "Para Isabel de su hermano - José 1-5-22." ( *Translation from Spanish: For Isabel from her brother - José 1-5-22 )
Date: January 5, 1922
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[South Reading Room, Library, North Texas State Teachers College, 1929]

Description: Photograph of the North Texas State Teachers College Library in the spring of 1929. Seen in the photo is a large room with long tables at which are seated a variety of young men and women looking at various books. Along the back wall can be seen shelves of books. To the left can be seen sculptures. The photographic image is affixed to a pale gray mount with line borders. At lower right front corner is embossed photographer's mark: "Shaw / Denton, Texas". On the reverse of the mount are handwritten the following notes: "This picture was made in the spring of 1929, soon after the few books on the wall were moved from the stacks to this room (South Reading Room in old Library Building - now Historical Building). It represents the beginning of the Reference Dept. - L. Brashears." and "For Miss Brashears Compliments of the Shaw Studio." The photograph shows the Library Building (built 1912-1913) the first library building on the NT campus, which later would be called the Historical Building, and is presently the O.J. Curry Building ("Curry Hall"). Lottie Brashears started at NT in 1921 as Assistant Librarian, and worked at various positions within the NT Library until her retirement in 1958. She was one of the first heads of the Reference Department.
Date: Spring 1929
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Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections