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Oral History Interview with Bryghte D. Godbold, April 7, 1972

Description: Interview with Bryghte D. Godbold, a Marine WWII veteran and POW from Coy, Alabama. A brigadier general at retirement after the war, Godbold discusses his time in the Marine Corps before the war, his duties on Wake Island shortly before December 7th, 1941, his experiences during the Battle of Wake, the Japanese landing and American surrender, his internment at Woosung and Kiang Wang in China, and his last internment at Ashibetsu (Hakodate #4) in Japan.
Date: 1972-04-7
Creator: Marcello, Ronald E. & Godbold, Bryghte D.
Partner: UNT Oral History Program

Oral History Interview with George Koury, Jr., April 27, 1972

Description: Interview with George Koury, Jr., Marine Corps veteran and survivor of the Bataan Death March. The interview includes Koury's personal experiences as a prisoner-of-war of the Japanese during World War II. Koury talks about the Fall of Bataan and his capture, the Bataan Death March, Camp O'Donnell, Nichols Field, hell ship to Formosa and to Japan, Prison Camp No. 7, and liberation.
Date: April 27, 1972
Creator: Marcello, Ronald E. & Koury, George, Jr.
Partner: UNT Oral History Program