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The Life and Works of Antonius Divitis

Description: Antonius Divitis (ca. L4715-ca. 1525) was born in Louvain, Belgium, and belonged to the generation between Josquin and Gombert. Divitis is listed in various sources as Antoine de Rycke, Le Riche, Davitz, Davtitz, and possibly Richardus Antonius, all of which mean "Anthony the Rich." His extant works include three complete masses, two parts of masses, three magnificats, five motets, two fragments (probably parts of motets) and one chanson. The purpose of this study was to collect, transcribe, and collate all existing manuscripts and prints of Divitis' compositions as well as biographical information about the composer, and to analyze the compositions for information about his techniques, as well as those of his contemporaries. Only two compositions came to the investigator in modern notation, with the remainder in various manuscripts and printed editions by such notable printers as Attaingnant, Gardane, Giunta, Petreius, Petrucci, Rhaw and Rotenbucher, from the first half of the sixteenth century. All variants in the sources were recorded and, in several instances, included in this edition wherever they seemed'to improve the musical readings.
Date: May 1970
Creator: Nugent, B. A.
Partner: UNT Libraries