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The Relationship between Western and Thai Music Objectives in the Undergraduate Music Programs of Selected Thai Universities and Colleges

Description: The purpose of the study was to investigate the relationship between Western and Thai music objectives in the undergraduate music programs of selected Thai universities and colleges. The data were collected from two sources: (1) an investigation of university music catalogs and syllabi for potential conflict areas in Western and Thai music objectives, and (2) questionnaire responses from university music teachers regarding their opinions about those potential conflict areas found from reviewing catalogs and syllabi. The dissertation is organized into six chapters: the introduction in Chapter I; the synthesis of related literature and background information regarding music study in higher education in Thailand in Chapter II; the design of the study in Chapter III; the comparisons of required music programs of six Thai universities in Chapter IV; the analysis of questionnaire data in Chapter V; and the summary, conclusions, discussions, and recommendations in Chapter VI. It was found that Western and Thai music objectives tended to be seen as supporting each other in the areas of music theory, orchestration, form and analysis, music history, counterpoint, composition, and the practice of pitched and unpitched musical instruments. Sight reading practices in Western music were found to support the rote method utilized in the study of Thai music. Western and Thai singing methods tended to be seen as conflicting somewhat with each other. The Western diatonic scale system tended to be seen as conflicting somewhat with the Thai musical scale system. The establishment of a course in the sight-reading of Thai music was recommended in Thai universities.
Date: August 1989
Creator: Twatchai Narkwong
Partner: UNT Libraries